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Woman experiences orgasm, but then becomes so sensitive that she cannot continue intercourse. She wishes to have multiple orgasms, and wonders at this mysterious sensitivity. Does it have to do with age? What can she do to begin having multiple orgasms?

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I have only been with one man and we have been having sex for 6 years now. In the beginning I never had an orgasm, but after a year or so I started to experience them. I have them almost all the time now, but it is only one. I never have more than one. After my orgasm, we have to stop for a few seconds because I am so sensitive it hurts to continue. Now, my question is, how do I get more than one and not be so sensitive after the first one? I don't know if this is because my vaginal muscle is starting to age!


I’m so pleased that you have begun having orgasms! That’s the first step towards achieving multiple orgasms. It might seem obvious, but the more in-tune with her body a woman is, the better chances she has of having more than one orgasm. I’m sure yours aren’t far away. 
It Shouldn’t Hurt
The only thing I’m concerned about is how you mention it hurts you to continue after your first orgasm. Your clitoris—I’m assuming that’s what you’re talking about—should never hurt after orgasm. It might become so highly sensitive that it’s unbearable to go on, but not from pain. If you truly are experiencing pain, it is probably due to aging of the tissues in and around your vagina.
Thin Isn’t Healthy
At a certain age, as women begin to lose their levels of estrogen, vaginal and vulval tissues begin to thin. This is accompanied by a decrease in circulation, and a diminishing of collagen fibers. The thinning of these tissues can turn what would normally be pleasurable into a pain overload. And a loss of circulation will also make it more difficult to orgasm, and can prohibit you from having multiple orgasms, as your sex organs need that blood flow to engorge and properly respond.
The first thing to do is stop the thinning of your tissues, and to reinstate proper circulation. Then you can implement some of my techniques for multiple orgasms and see what happens!
Repair and Restore
To repair your tissues and encourage a healthy reproductive system, I’m recommending a specific herbal formula created to restore health in situations like yours. (TRY: Natural Vaginal Regeneration) It contains Maca, Dong Quai, and Mexican Wild Yam—which are three excellent vaginal, clitoral, and vulval restoratives, as they increase circulation, and prompt your body to create more estrogen and testosterone. Cistanche is also included in the mix, and is a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory herb that will help get your blood pumping again.
Take a Break
As far as sexual technique for multiple orgasms, what I think a lot of women don’t know is that while women don’t need the refractory period (or break time) that men do, they might still need a quick breather before they can continue stimulation. The trick here is to have your lover continue stimulating you in an erotic manner, but avoiding your ultra-sensitive clitoris. Dragging his fingernails down your thighs or tweaking your nipples will keep your body in a receptive state, without overtaxing your senses. 
Stray from the Clitoris
The second thing a lot of women don’t realize is that your second orgasm is probably not going to be clitorally-focused. For many women, clitoral stimulation is necessary to achieve orgasm. After your initial orgasm, however, it is easier to achieve an orgasm through vaginal penetration and g-spot stimulation. Switching to a position where you have vaginal penetration without much clitoral contact is going to push your body into the multiple orgasms frame of mind. 
I Think I Can, I Think I Can
The final tip is to think positively! The second you start worrying about whether or not you’re going to have another orgasm is the second when your body starts shutting down. Assure yourself that you are going to have multiple orgasms, clue your partner in and insure his assistance, and you’re good to go! I wish you very good luck in your endeavor.

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