I Used To Scoff At The Men In Erectile Dysfunction Commercials... Now I Am The Man

I used to scoff at the men in erectile dysfunction commercials...Now, I am the man with the erectile problems and urinary issues

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I used to scoff at the men in erectile dysfunction commercials. I would sneer at their urinary problems and enlarged prostate. Now, I am the man with the erectile problems and urinary issues. Now, I am the guy who visits the bathroom 10-12 times a day. Now, I am the male who cannot gain a healthy erection for sex. I guess it’s karma’s way of saying “here you go, jerk!” My urinary problems were so bad that I had to take medication for the prostate swelling. Thankfully, I can urinate just fine for now.
Now, my only problem comes via my erectile dysfunction. I cannot enjoy sex as I once did. When I do manage to gain an erection, I do not last long at all. As a 40-year old man, I never believed that I would suffer from such a debilitating condition such as this one. I find myself depressed. I feel really angry by my sexual incomptent. I see my wife more upset than before—mostly because of my lack of sexual desires. I just want to get back to my old self. I just want to return to my normal sexual activities. I just want to feel like a man again. 


The good news is you’re on the right track to get back to your previous virile self now that your enlarged prostate problems are being addressed. The fact that the urinary issues are under control is a positive sign. Unfortunately it takes a bit longer to alleviate erectile dysfunction and a low libido that’s brought on by an enlarged prostate, even if you’re on medication. 
How an Enlarged Prostate Affects Libido
Recovering from an enlarged prostate is a slow process that’s sexually frustrating for many men and their partners. Inflammation of the prostate, also known as Prostatitis, affects far more than this single gland. It can affect the entire parasympathetic nervous function – the system responsible for sexual arousal.

Prostatitis can cause a chain reaction that disrupts your ability to produce: 
  • Hormones – These neurochemicals are essential for sexual activity.
  • Dopamine – This is a neurotransmitter that enables you to feel pleasure during sex. Without adequate levels of dopamine E.D. can become an issue.
  • Testosterone – Testosterone imbalance makes achieving hard erections extremely difficult, leading to impotence and a low sex drive.
Right now your body is recovering and working to recharge your parasympathetic nervous function. This is a process that takes some time because your body has been in a prolonged state of imbalance.

While it’s restoring your normal prostate functions, the parasympathetic nervous function isn’t at a point where it can produce all the elements necessary to power your libido. However, there are ways to make up for what the parasympathetic nervous function is currently lacking.
Bringing Your Body Back Into Balance 
With time your body should naturally bring itself back into balance and begin producing testosterone, hormones and dopamine normally. But in your case, as with many men, this is a situation you’d like rectified sooner rather than later. To speed up the process you may want to try a natural testosterone-enhancing herb like Curculigo.
Curculigo has long been used as a remedy for erectile dysfunction that results from a decline in testosterone production. The herb is known to help restore hormone balance and can even repair damaged blood vessels, both of which lead to stronger erections.

Using a Curculigo supplement while your parasympathetic nervous function is returning to normal could be the fastest way to regain your libido and return to your normal sexual activities.

What to do

Fixing E.D. with Curculigo

According to recent studies, 25% of males age 50 and above report erectile problems. Read more
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blackraptor57 posted on Tue, 09/17/2013 - 11:46
I'm also so annoyed every time those types of commercials come out on television. It is so annoying especially that one with the guy and his huge smile. That does not happen! So fake.
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