I Have A Complete Clitoral Desensitization Due to Excessive Masturbation In My Teens

Woman has lost sensation in her clitoris, due to excessive masturbation in her teenage years. What can she do to restore sensitivity?

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I am a 40-year-old female who has complete clitoral desensitization due to excessive masturbation in my teens. Can you tell me what would be most appropriate for me to do? (I do not have a heart condition.)


I have a few questions on this issue before moving forward with advice. When did the clitoral desensitization start; recently, or has it been a long-time issue? How have you determined that excessive masturbation is the cause? There are many, many, many reasons why a woman might be experiencing a desensitized clitoris, but at 40, it seems unlikely that the negative side effects of over masturbation would still be hanging around.

It seems more likely to me that your hormone levels have begun to change due to menopause, or perimenopause. It’s actually impossible to experience complete clitoral desensitization from anything other than great trauma to the area; such as a piercing mishap, or genital mutilation. However, more general desensitization can occur from the effects of disease, such as diabetes or hypertension, or from increases and decreases in specific hormones.

It is important to rule out hormones and disease as the cause of your clitoral desensitization before you continue onto another course of action. 
Take Me Back to Paradise
If you determine that none of the above listed are the cause, then the problem is more nebulous and requires some experimentation. I can give you some techniques that have given many women increased clitoral sensitivity; you can perhaps experiment with them and choose the ones that help you the most. To begin with, increasing blood flow to the clitoris is a great way to heal any existing damage—be it due to inflammation, scarring, or insufficient blood flow.

There are many supplements available that reduce swelling, allowing cramped blood vessels to expand and rejuvenate. Proper blood flow is vital for sexual response—during arousal the labia, clitoris, g-spot, and the tissues of the vagina engorge with blood, increasing in sensitivity and surface area; meaning that if there isn’t enough blood, the sensitivity and pleasure is diminished.

Not only that, but without good circulation, some chemicals have a hard time diffusing through the body, such as nitric oxide, the chemical that creates clitoral erection and response. Many women report much enhanced sexual sensation by taking supplements or using topical creams containing L-arginine, as it is changed into nitric oxide once inside the body. 
Minty Fresh
I would consider using some stimulating topical creams or gels as well. There are a variety of chemicals, both natural and synthetic, that cause a cooling, heating, or tingling sensation when applied to the skin. Imagine how the inside of your mouth feels after you’ve been chewing mint gum and take a breath in—so cold! Now imagine the same effect on your clitoris. The effect of menthol is instantly cooling and tingling, especially when breathed over.

Camphor, eucalyptus, and tea tree all have the same effect on skin. Cinnamon, ginger, and horseradish have warming effects. A dilute amount of any of the proceeding ingredients applied to the clitoris will cause increased sensation, and could be applied pre-intercourse for a more sensational sex experience. 
Reset and Restore
I think that seeing a doctor and ruling out any pre-existing conditions is the first step in your treatment. After that, try to not stress about your lack of sensation; rather, try to systematically work through different techniques for clitoral sensation.

The more anxiety you feel, the less likely you are to experience pleasure, as stress hormones (cortisol) and pleasure hormones (oxytocin) are polemical toward each other. Make sure to take your circulation-increasing supplement or herbal tincture, and I’m sure you’ll begin noticing positive results in no time!

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