I Expected My 2-inch Penis To Benefit From Puberty Growth Spurt, But I Was Wrong

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His penis size is less than he’d hoped for; it didn’t grow much during puberty, and now as an adult he’s dissatisfied with his 2 inches. Even another inch would please him, which he can achieve with an herbal formula designed to rejuvenate penis tissue.

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I need a bit of advice for a small problem of mine. When I started puberty, I expected my 2-inch, non-erect penis to benefit from a well-needed growth spurt. I thought that by the time I hit 14 or 15 I’d see a larger, manlier penis. I was wrong. I was so wrong in fact that I saw zero growth. Hell, my pubic hair grew longer than my penis did! And now, I’d do ANYTHING to get even an inch of width and length. Please help me.


Just as women tend to want larger breasts and smaller waists, men usually want bigger penises. The old adage that size doesn’t matter means very little to the average man, because size does in fact matter to him. When they feel their penises don’t measure up, some men even lose confidence in themselves and their abilities to have sex. This can create a maelstrom of emotional problems and interfere with interpersonal relationships.

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Summary: A 25-year-old man sees the potential in growing his penis, but he’s not sure how or what he should take. Find the answers to his questions and see how you too can help yourself to a longer, wider penis for improved sexual satisfaction. If you want more help, leave me your comments below.
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Depending on such factors as temperature, time and arousal, each penis naturally varies in size. After accounting for all of these influences, most penises are about 5-1/2 inches in length. However, this number is not a standard by which to compare yourself. All penises are different; some are straight, some are curved and others are thin. “Normal” doesn’t exist when it comes to this organ, so the only real question is what do you need in order to be happy with your penis?
How the Penis Grows
Puberty, which usually occurs between the ages of 10 and 14, marks a substantial period of growth in boys’ penises. Growth also occurs before age five, so that most penises are full-size by the time a male reaches 18 years old. The testicles, which are an average size of 2 to 3 inches, also grow during puberty.
Many factors, notably genetics, can influence the size of a male’s penis. Diet, exposure to chemicals and some prescription medications – such as fertility drugs – can adversely affect size. These external factors interrupt the body’s endocrine processes and, in turn, disrupt testosterone levels. This hormone helps both the penis and testes grow during puberty, making its balanced levels crucial to healthy development.
Is Size Important?
Ancient Greek society preferred men with small rather than large penises. Each culture, however, desires specific body shapes and sizes. Today, male self-esteem is largely equated with the penis. It is important to note that most men underestimate their own sizes because of skewed perspectives that result from looking down. Those who tend to believe their size is below-average are often more adequate than they think.
Men are much harder on themselves than women when it comes to size. Women tend not to care as much because vaginal intercourse rarely results in orgasm. They instead need clitoral stimulation, meaning a man with any size penis can give and receive pleasure in bed if he’s inclined to do so. The key is to acknowledge what you and your partner both need for sex to be satisfying.
Naturally Improve Size
You might feel inadequate even after knowing that size doesn’t make you who you are. Besides, adding 1 or 2 inches will improve your confidence and impress your lover. To naturally augment penis size, you must eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and regularly exercise. Both of these steps will keep your arteries strong and healthy to improve blood flow to the penis and improve its length during erection.
An herbal formula will re-nourish the penis and also increase its size in both girth and length. Specific ingredients like Codonopsis Pilosula, Morinda, Pinellia, Schisandra, & Epimedium (TRY: herbal formula for penis chamber growth) boost testosterone levels while sustaining firm erections throughout intercourse. In just three weeks, you’ll notice a considerable difference in your penis size, meaning you’ll be more comfortable than ever with your own body.

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8diverdan368 posted on Thu, 07/10/2014 - 12:30
This is an emergency and you need to grow that penis as soon as possible. Your length is way beyond lower than the average penis. It's okay, there is always a solution to a problem and I know you can fix it and be happy with your penis size.
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