I Am Worrying About Tomorrow's Work More Than Pleasuring My Wife

A man suffering from Male Menopause learns how to cope with the condition and regain his sexual and mental capabilities.

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I am overworked, exhausted and stressed. My career creates plenty of tension in my life and working 60-80 hours a week does little to alleviate this stress. According to my naturopathic doctor, I need to work less and relax more, which is a tough assignment for any working father. I try to make time for stress-relieving activities, but my work schedule makes it difficult to accomplish this feat. Instead, I try to tolerate the stress levels and adjust myself accordingly.
Because of my high stress levels, I find myself less inclined to engage in sexual activities. I used to yearn for some intimacy with my wife, but now I find it difficult to even get interested. I tend to feel anxious during sex; my erections appear to be weaker; and my stamina is diminutive. Even while in the act, I find myself worrying about tomorrow's work assignments rather than pleasuring my wife or myself. I'm too stressed and exhausted. I'm sexually dysfunctional. Please, what can I do?


While it is possible that work-related stress has something to do with what you are experiencing, it might be more of a symptom of the problem than the impetus that is causing your concern. The issues you describe are all highly indicative of a medical condition known as Male Menopause or Andropause.

Most people aren't aware that men go through a similar physiological and psychological change, but believe it or not, it is a very real problem that affects a lot of men. Even if you feel like you may be too young to experience this, it's important to understand that the symptoms of this condition can surface as early as the age of 35.
What Causes Male Menopause?
Andropause, a condition caused by a decrease in testosterone, increases the Sex Hormone Binding Protein (SHBG). These hormones normally work together to keep you happy and healthy, but when menopause occurs, their levels experience a reduction. SHBG protect and transport sexual hormones throughout the body. Too much of this binding protein can affect the levels testosterone to the point that there is far too much of one and not enough of the other. 
As with any hormonal imbalance, this can cause your body and mind to respond in a variety of different ways. Some of the most notable symptoms of Male Menopause are a decrease in sexual desire, anxiety, nervousness, lack of interest in physical activities and stress. If this sounds familiar, it is because you are experiencing all of these symptoms right now. 
A Stressful Situation
It probably doesn't help that you work long hours and your job is stressful, but it's easy to see how this problem is affecting you so negatively, especially considering the role of testosterone. When you're confident and experience a certain level of cognitive ability, it can be stressful to perform both at work head and in bed. Testosterone not only affects how well we are able to perform sexually, but also how well we perform mentally. 
Since we know the cause of Andropause, it's easy to find ways to treat the issue. What you need to do is replenish testosterone in your body. Once you bring those hormone levels back to normal, you'll start to feel better rather quickly. 
Give Your Body A Real Break
While the main problem with Male Menopause is the depletion of testosterone in your system, the truth is that it is natural to see lower levels of this sex hormone as you age. In other words, unless you plan to keep replenishing them regularly, this is going to be a recurring issue.

Thankfully, there are other ways to treat the symptoms of Andropause that can help you get back in the game. A natural remedy for mental burnout and exhaustion contains herbs that help the body regain functionality
In particular, this herbal supplement will improve blood flow to the brain, which will make your body work much more efficiently and aid in the production of neurotransmitters that affect cognitive abilities.

In addition, they expel hormones known to cause added stress and other toxins, which makes it easier for your body to handle the natural changes it is experiencing without too much added frustration. Do well by yourself and you will no doubt be feeling happier and less stressful in no time!

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