I Accepted By The Role As A Short Stature Man...But Now In A New Relationship I Want To Give My Girlfriend An Extra Inch Of Love

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By Chris Scalise Conditions: Men's Penis Enlargement Age: 18 - 35

All he wanted was a bigger penis to satisfy his girlfriend. Can such a miracle truly be accomplished? The answer may surprise you. Learn the facts about natural penis enlargement.

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Some men are born tall; some short. And some are born with a well-endowed package; others not. I fall into the latter category of both—short and well, small. Before meeting my girlfriend, I accepted by role as a short stature man. I bought shoes to elevate my small frame, but I never found anything to boost my confidence where it affected me the most—my penis. And now in a happy, healthy relationship, I want to give my partner an extra inch or two of love. Got anything that can help me?


Yes, penis size is much harder to fake than height. Unfortunately they don't make a platform condom, although that would make a hilarious pitch for a late night infomercial. When it comes penis size, men have long accepted their stumpy insignificance as fate.

After all, there are no magic genies in the desert, and most of the conventional products designed for penis enlargement are ineffective at best, dangerous at worst. Pumps, weights, stretching exercises...these things may give you the temporary illusion of growth, but pursuing such methods will usually lead to a very embarrassing trip to the doctor before too long. So are there any real options available for regular guys? As it turns out, there just may be.

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Summary: An 18-year-old man sees his 4-inch penis as below average. Find out how he managed to improve his size with these solutions. If you’re below average, learn what you can do. And for even more help, leave me your comments below. 
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Getting Real About Penis Enlargement
First it's important to understand how penis enlargement actually works. If you stretch it like pizza dough, you're just going to rupture the sensitive nerves and blood vessels, so that's clearly not the way to go. There are actually two components involved in penis enlargement:  blood flow stimulation, and new tissue growth. In order to expand your size naturally, you need to fill the chambers along your penis with as much blood as possible, as that will expand its length and girth beyond the normal capacity. In order to stimulate new tissue growth, you need to promote an increase in natural human growth hormone (HGH) production.
Increasing Your Size the Natural Way
“Okay,” you're thinking. “That sounds great, but how am I supposed to actually achieve this kind of natural growth?” Well, first you need to purchase a car jump starter kit and attach the positive cable to the tip of your penis...only kidding (though I'm there are some desperate guys who have tried). Actually, you'll want to familiarize yourself with Deer Antler, a supplement that was once banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency for its powerful growth properties (don't worry, it's perfectly natural, and the ban was lifted). Deer Antler promotes the growth of testosterone, DHEA and HGH, all of which are essential to penile growth. Another herb, Gingseng, promotes increased blood flow to the penis.
If you use an herbal preparation that combines these and similar ingredients, you should begin to notice real growth before too long. (TRY: Penile Growth and Rejuvenation) Your girlfriend will certainly notice, and ultimately, that's the larger goal here, right? Call it the birthday present of a lifetime.

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Aaron's picture
Aaron posted on Thu, 07/10/2014 - 12:33
As an 18 year old don't you think this guy still needs to give his body a bit of a break. I thought the body stopped growing at the age of 21, not 18. I could be wrong, not sure. Maybe that doesn't count for penis size since that usually happens with puberty.
abigailhealth's picture
abigailhealth posted on Thu, 07/10/2014 - 12:35
I believe you are right. I didn't see any big different between 18 and 21 in my man. I was with him since we were 16 and it was exactly the same. I think it usually just changes during puberty and stops after that. So maybe after 18, that's it.
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