Hypothalamic Hell – A Wavering Sex Drive Leads to an Unhappy Lover

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By Ian Kane Conditions: Men's Impotence Low Sex Drive Age: 18 - 35

A man is seriously concerned about his recent decline in sexual prowess. What is at hand here, and what can he hope to do in order to get back to the raging sexual tiger he used to be?

Case #: 


My sex drive has been inconsistent as of late. One day I want to have sex multiple times a day; other times I have no desire for it. This can make my partner very frustrated. Because of my inconsistent sex drive, I visited an endocrinologist and my results were as follows:
Test results were as follows: FSH-3.1miu; LH-2.5miu; Prolactin-9.1ng; Estradiol-20L pg/ml; Testos-356.9ng; Triglycerides 59, Cholesterol 179; HDL-30; LDL-137; Baseline SHBG-18.5nmdl; Free Andro Index-66.9; DHEA-S-184.0ug;TSH (3rd) 3.3uiu, Free Thyroyine (direct) 1.3ng; IGF-1-151.0ng, T-4 Free-1.1, TSH 3rd-0.11, T3 Free-504.
My doctor prescribed medication to help with my low libido. For the first three weeks, I saw a return to my voracious sex drive. Now, my body is back to normal: some days I want sex; other days I do not.


One of the most impressive feats of modern engineering has to be the New York subway system. You’ve got miles and miles of underground and above ground rail systems that snake throughout the five boroughs of New York, and beyond. After deciding on a destination, a person need only consult one of the many subway maps which includes pertinent topographical information, go to a nearby station, and be whisked away by the next train.
It’s also so large that many people get lost on it every day, ending up at the wrong stop or at an unknown, end of the line destination. Could you imagine what would happen if there was some sort of massive electrical malfunction and the entire subway system went haywire? Some cars might speed up too fast, while other ones shut down completely and end up stuck in the middle of darkened tunnels. That would be a fearful prospect indeed.

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Off the Tracks
Well imagine for a moment that the subway system stations are different glands and organs within your body, and that hormones and neurochemicals crucial to sexual function are the subway cars. Each car serves a certain critical role in igniting or shutting down your sex drive.
Now imagine that the hypothalamus is a great big centralized switchboard for your body’s “subway system.” If it undergoes any sort of malfunction, all of its “cars” can go haywire and spin out of control, meaning that the hormones and neurochemicals aren’t able to get to their proper destinations. Not only that but your entire HPT (hypothalamic/pituitary/thyroid axis) can be thrown off.
Your particular test result findings indicate that your TSH and T4 levels are low, and that your T3 has exceeded normal levels. These are indicative of hypothyroidism, so right now your body’s subway may be completely out of whack, affecting your libido negatively.
Re-establishing Control
In order to get everything back on track with regards to your body’s systems, you may want to take a potent botanical solution. (TRY: Natural Herbal Ejaculation Control Formula) These mixtures contain factors which can start a volcano of passion from within you by increasing the metabolic reactions between the cells and nervous systems of your reproductive region.
They can also deliver the proper nutrients and androgen hormones to your genitals in order to strengthen your parasympathetic nervous system (for better climax control), as well as repair and rejuvenate the tiny neural pathways (which can be seen as your body’s subway tunnels) that connect your brain with your private parts. This can allow all of your crucial signalers which fire off when you get aroused and activate your penis like a rocket getting ready to blast off.
So let’s do some safe, healing repairs on your central switchboard and fix up those tunnels as well, so that those subway cars can get to where they need to be when those sexy times come calling!

What to do

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