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By Ian Kane Conditions: Men's Premature Ejaculation Causes: hypertension Age: 18 - 35

A young man, only 33, is experiencing premature ejaculation issues as a result of having hypertension. What in the world can he do in order to eliminate this problem before his up-to-now patient girlfriend leaves him?

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Hey there, I’m a bigger guy, 33 years old, about 6’ and weight about 275. I have been diagnosed with hypertension and have now totally switched my diet and lifestyle.
However, for some reason, even though I have done all of these things to improve my life (I’ve lost 50 lbs. so far!) I still have issues with cuming too quick. My girlfriend is getting tired of me busting a nut after five or six minutes and I don’t blame her.
What can I do to reverse this problem? Thank you for such a wonderful and informative website!


Jack had everything; nice cares, expensive clothes, plenty of free time to do whatever he wanted to. His family was wealthy and spoiled him rotten. There was only one problem – with laziness and luxury, came obesity.
Jack would typically be seen at the finest seafood restaurants and steak houses, gobbling mounds of food down the hatch. He’d often be accompanied by attractive women who latched on to him because of his money.
Time to Impress
Because these women would think that they’d get something out of him if they slept with him, he’d bed them down and then usually move on, but there was a particular one that he actually could see having as a repeat customer.
One night while having this particular woman over for dinner, he began fooling around with her and they ended up having sex. He’d wanted to last longer than his usual five minutes and tried mightily not to pop his cork, but his hypertension problem wouldn’t allow that that and he made it to the six minute mark. She wasn’t pleased.

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Health is #1
You can have everything in the world but if you’re health isn’t looked after, you can end up with some serious issues. Men who have hypertension have to worry about a whole plethora of problems; kidney and liver disease, increased chance of heart disease, poor circulation to the arms and legs, the list goes on and on.
Most people however, don’t associate another common concern associated with hypertension: premature ejaculation (P.E.). Men with P.E. issues can see their love lives slide off the deep end and drown in a pool of tears as women typically prefer men who can last for lengthier periods of time in the sack.
If you are suffering from a loss of libido or the inability to hold back your semen for over a few minutes, read on...
Weakened Valve
Your parasympathetic nerves act as a sort of valve which shuts off both your urine and your semen. These nerves can become compromised as a result of having hypertension and a man can go from Mr. Marathon Lover, to Mr. Pop Goes the Weasel in a short amount of time.
Powerful healing herbal remedies can not only mitigate the effects of hypertension on a man’s sex drive and ejaculation problems, but they can also reverse the symptoms altogether. (TRY: Rapid Ejaculation Relief Formula) This is because they are specially formulated to provide testosterone in order to boost libido (and therefore desire for sex) as well as repair and strengthen weakened parasympathetic nerves and muscles.
This can enable a man to go from zero to hero in the ‘ol sack, and regain his confidence, endurance, and sexual prowess, all at the same time. So take action now!

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