Humiliated and Wrapped in Self-Doubt: Her Boyfriend is Drawing Negative Attention to Her Loose Vagina

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This mother of three is dating a younger man who isn’t happy with her body – he thinks she’s loose. Worse, he lets his feelings be known by using debasing words. She feels embarrassed and has lost all confidence in herself. Her only desire is to be “tight” again so the humiliation stops.

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I am in my 30s and have had three children, ages 13, 11 and three. I have had mild depression that I think is mostly because of my boyfriend. He is seven years younger and complains about my body. He says I have a big, loose and hollow vagina that looks old, hanging and dark. Please help me. I am so embarrassed, and my self-esteem has been shot down.


It’s easy to dismiss the female body as it ages. Flat breasts, sagging skin and a loss of muscle tone dim in comparison to lithe, youthful bodies. But women of any age are beautiful – those who are younger hold the beauty of promise, while older females exude the radiance of accomplishment.
Changes to the Vagina
There is no denying the vagina changes with time. You can blame this on hormones, which drop substantially as a women enters her late 30s and early 40s. Before this time, high levels of estrogen and progesterone combine to create thick vaginal muscles bathed in pink. The vulva, or external portion of the vagina, is also pink. It sits like a perky, plump package and naturally attracts male attention.
Intercourse reveals just how strong and tight the youthful vagina is. It hugs the male penis and creates pleasurable friction. Perhaps this is what changes the most as a vagina ages – it loses muscle tone and subsequently loses tightness. During intercourse that loss is particularly noticeable because the vagina and penis no longer lock together.
As estrogen wanes, vaginal muscles grow less resilient. They become thin and brittle and lose elasticity. Externally, the vulva droops and vaginal lips start to sag. The skin turns from pink to red and isn’t as firm as in youth.
The Effects of Giving Birth
Time is not the only factor that contributes to an aging vagina. Child birth also enters into this equation. In fact, contrary to popular belief, age and child birth are the only two influences on the vagina. Having sex does not cause it to permanently stretch, nor does exercise or masturbation.
The vagina is composed of walls that fold against each other to form pleats, like those of a skirt. When necessary, such as during intercourse, those pleats unfold and allow the muscles to stretch. 
After sex, everything contracts and returns to normal. Child birth similarly causes stretching, but on a much greater scale.
Muscles generally snap back into place after enduring one delivery. Multiple births, on the other hand, fatigue muscles. This means the vagina loses its original elasticity and does not contract back to “normal.” You can compare this to stretching a pair of pantyhose. With time, the elasticity gives and becomes looser until, eventually, the pantyhose don’t fit like they once did.
Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder
Does any of this mean a woman is no longer beautiful? Absolutely not. It means only that she’s progressed from one stage of life to the next, as will all women at some point. Nobody is safeguarded from the hands of time.
Your boyfriend shouldn’t cause you to harbor negative feelings about yourself. He similarly should not use degrading words with reference to your body. You’re a woman who has given birth to three children. You should therefore be proud – not ashamed – of what your body has achieved.
If your boyfriend strips away your confidence, it’s time to end the relationship. Intercourse is about intimacy and closeness, and you need to feel safe in order to enjoy it. A mature man will appreciate your sensuality and show you the pleasure that can accompany experience.
Reverse the Aging Process
You probably don’t know this, but you can restore tightness to your vagina. An herbal formula will work on multiple levels to improve blood flow to your genitals, repair damaged tissues and increase tightness. (SEE: Vaginal Detoxification & Restoration Formula for Vaginal Looseness) Specific ingredients like Chrysanthemum and Milk Thistle also rejuvenate nerve receptors so sex is better than ever. You’ll feel more confident and notice a physical difference in little or no time.

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