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How Parasympathetic Nerves Tie In With PE and ED…

His erectile difficulty appeared after his premature ejaculation problem did and now he is confused. Dr. Lin explains how important the parasympathetic nervous system is when it comes to PE and ED.

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I'm 41 and have quick ejaculation problems for years. A year ago, I lost my erection power. I can’t really sustain hard erection for penetration. I got erectile drugs that only helped me for almost a year and then it would not work, even I increase the dosage more than doctor prescribed. I was devastated, because I suspect my wife is seeing someone. The shame and my inability to have hard and sustainable erection really draw blood from my heart. My misery does not stop here. Last week, my right ear is going bad and vibrating ringing tone disturbed my sleep. I started masturbation very early, when I was 12. Can that be the root of all my problems?


Premature ejaculation and a weak erection go hand in hand although most cases of premature ejaculation occur due to weak erection. Your experience with premature ejaculation, before having a weak erection, tells me much about your parasympathetic nervous system.
Premature ejaculation is the most commonly experienced sexual dysfunction among men.
Now that you are experiencing erectile dysfunction, it will be require more time to fix your premature ejaculation problem; but it is possible.
It seems to me that, as you have reached middle age that your testosterone levels are declining. Testosterone deficiencies often result in erectile dysfunction and a decrease in libido. You can ask your doctor for a blood test to check your testosterone levels. For the most part, however, even if your testosterone level has dropped, it shouldn’t have dropped so drastically that you are unable to achieve an erection. I suspect the problem lies somewhere else.
It is my opinion that your parasympathetic functioning is not functioning at optimal condition.
The parasympathetic nervous system controls erectile functioning and ejaculation. By strengthening your parasympathetic nervous system and restoring it to its youthful potential, you can revive your erections and then work on solving your premature ejaculation problem.

Parasympathetic Nerves Are The Key
Parasympathetic nerves are present in all of your organs and do different things.
For example, the prostate gland’s parasympathetic nerve controls the contractions (locking and unlocking) of your ejaculatory valve, triggering a release of semen upon orgasm. Your premature ejaculation problem is a result of the weakening of this nerve.

The body, with its nerves and the synapses that connect them, require electricity, bioelectricity at that, to signal and trigger responses among nerves. In this case, your parasympathetic nerves need to be "recharged" so to speak.
With insufficient bioelectric supplies, your parasympathetic nervous system runs on low and so does everything else that it controls.
There isn’t enough electricity to send signals and trigger responses, which is why you experienced premature ejaculation before and are now experiencing erectile dysfunction, as you are older now.
Charging the parasympathetic nervous system, reducing stress hormone production, and blocking the stress hormone receptor site in the prostate will power up your erection and lock the ejaculation valve for prolonged sex. If the entire parasympathetic nervous division gets charged, the functions of your internal organ will be enhanced and your erection power will be restored.

Natural Healing Is The Way To Go
I recommend you try taking some herbs that can restore your erectile functioning, which will in turn greatly improve your chances of lasting longer in bed.
The most common herbs that can promote healthy erections are yohimbe, horny goat weed (epimedium), and the popular herbs ginseng and ginko biloba. These all function by promoting blood circulation. The added blood flow, upon sexual arousal, will strengthen your erection, making it firmer and suitable for penetration [TRY: herbal solutions for poor erection & PE]

This will take the stress off of your prostate gland allow your parasympathetic nervous system to concentrate on delaying your ejaculation. Well known herbs in the formula that work with your nervous system. In this case, these herbs will assist your parasympathetic nervous system.

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