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What are the symptoms of over masturbation? 
The typical symptoms of over masturbation includes chronic fatigue, weak erection, thinning hair, and much more... Find out how severe you damaged your body with over masturbating and the solutions.

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How much Jing and Qi were lost due to sexual exhaustion?

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He has had great success healing from sexual dysfunction by taking the supplements recommended by Dr. Lin, and he wants to further boost his health and sexual potency.

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There is some very good news I wish to share with you. I’m 26 yrs-old and for the FIRST TIME EVER I had sex without sildenafil citrate! All thanks to your help and your fantastic products.

I’m 26, from India. For 14 years I’ve suffered from over-ejaculation disorders and severe exhaustion. But totally ignorant, I continued to abuse myself. After so many years of abuse I never expected to be normal again. I’ve had several girlfriends, but I had to use sildenafil for sex every single time. Even during masturbation I wouldn’t get very hard erections and several times I ejaculated from a limp penis, up to 3-4 times in one hour!

After reading on your website how dangerous that can be, I ordered your supplements and decided to stop masturbating, but it was hard initially. Also, I had a girlfriend so once in 8-10 days we had sex where I continued to orgasm twice in one session! To add to these destructive habits, in the last two years I began drinking alcohol and 3 yrs ago I started Finasteride for hair loss. To add to this the fact that all these years, I would work out (on and off) with heavy weights. I don’t think there was any hope left for me at all!

I took your supplements for 9 months and there was very little effect. Probably because of all these other destructive habits. On 6th January I made a big change. I decided to stop masturbation completely and took another order of your supplements. I switched my mind off sex, and even told my girlfriend that I will not have sex with her due to some health complications. I spent some time doing yoga, enjoyed life with my friends and worked in my job. I also stopped all physical exertion for a few days and then resumed light walking. Also, I splashed cold water on my genitals and perineum – I had heard it makes the nerves brace up and hence improves their health.

After 20 odd days, some weak spontaneous erections began appearing. After a month, we went out of town and ended up in bed. I was relaxed and got an erection for the first time. Then we had sex where I did not ejaculate. I continued my recovery and remained celibate until about 40 days, and then I ejaculated. I know you don’t recommend celibacy, but since I’m vegetarian and since my system was JUST NOT improving even while ejaculating once a week, I decided to go on for longer and give myself rest. The thing is that I NEVER, EVER thought sex would be possible for me without Sildenafil. Thank you and thank God.

In this period of 40 days, ALL my joint pain disappeared and my lower back felt strong. I began feeling strong and energetic. This hasn’t been the case for 14 years. My thinking became confident and optimistic. I’m very, very grateful to you.

My future desire is to be completely recovered sexually and to improve other health problems I have. I don’t care if it takes another year to achieve that.

I have some questions for you:

  1. What may I do to continue my recovery? I will order vacuum cupping massager in my next order. I feel it will help me.
  2. Though I am 26 biologically, my physical age is of an old man. I still have cracking sound in joint and I have severe diffuse hair loss. Also in the last 6-7 years my body has continued to become more and more hairy. Now I even see some long hair on my ears. I have fat over my abdomen and back. Due to all these things I don’t feel like a young man. I want to become young again. Is it possible to do that?
  3. Will an increased testicular function cause increase in my hair loss? Also will it cause an increase my body hair? And what may I do for hair loss and excessive body hair growth?
  4. According to TCM principles, Is Jing and Qi finite or can it be replenished and restored? Can I preserve my jing by being on a low protein diet, disciplined thought, exercising (aerobic) to consume testosterone and through limited L-Dopa containing foods? I want to preserve my jing and use it to restore my health.

Words are not enough to thank your website!


Thank you.  I'm glad you have improved so much.  You will get better and better after rejuvenating your damaged sexual function and detoxifying your liver system and testicles polluted by excessive amounts of the stressors epinephrine and cortisol.  Finasteride has also been very destructive on your liver, so you are smart to remove that from your body.

  1. Yes, vacuum cupping massage can stimulate the spine and lower back and improve the spinal cords, groin and perineum blood circulation for better sex.

  2. Enhancing your HGH, DHEA and testosterone production and boosting prostaglandin E1 and E3 release, and cutting down your estrogen and prolactin production by detoxifying your liver and pituitary will help restore your youthful vigor and health.  In addition, add DeToxiA, cut down your sugar and carbohydrate intake, add protein to your diet, and engage in moderate exercise about 1 hour, twice a day. If you sweat a lot during exercise, don't have rapid water intake; rather, include minerals and electrolytes in your drink to avoid water intoxication.
  3. During puberty, boys maintain an extremely high level of testosterone and DHT without stress and are therefore able to achieve a full head of hair.  As they age, men with a high level of DHT and stress lose their hairs.  Stress and its induced inflammatory factors in the bloodstream deplete melatonin production during the night and heat up the blood, causing hair loss.  At the same time, men with low testosterone lose their hair.  So in short, high levels of DHT and stress hormones and low levels of testosterone lead to hair loss.

    Over-ejaculation triggers excessive testosterone-DHT conversion in the prostate and testicles, leading to a stressful fight-or-flight state in the body.  In this stressful state, the body produces high levels of cortisol, which induces high levels of prolactin and reduces DHEA, HGH and testosterone production.  At the same time, excessive prolactin and epinephrine induces constriction of the arteries, leading to poor blood circulation everywhere in your body, particularly in the scalp and prostate.  All of this contributes to hair loss.

    A 2001 study examined the effect of a 3-week period of sexual abstinence followed by masturbation-induced orgasm.  It found that abstinence over such periods "does not change the neuroendocrine response to orgasm but does produce elevated levels of testosterone in males." A 2003 study showed that serum testosterone levels reach a peak seven days after abstaining from ejaculation.  In short, the findings mean that excessive sex results in adrenal and testicular fatigue, leading to low testosterone level and hair loss.

    In addition, exposure to stress and steroid-related toxins are likely to increase the activity of 5-alpha reductase for greater testosterone-DHT conversion.  Excessive amounts of the amino acid L-arginine in conjunction with a high level of androgen hormone can over-excite the nervous system for excessive testosterone-DHT conversion, triggering a stress response.

    In order to reverse the ill-effects of excessive sexual activity or over-masturbation, stop ejaculating for a few weeks. Let your body rest and replenish.  Then you can come back to it with a lower frequency.  A healthy habit is to masturbate and have sex a total of three to four times a week, assuming once ejaculation per encounter.

    To rejuvenate your nervous function for libido and reduce the epinephrine release from the hypothalamus, brain stem and adrenal medulla, supplement with ViaPal-hGH-J (or ViaPal-hGH-P if you are over 30), 5-HTP, DeToxiA, fish oil, borage oil, calcium, magnesium, and Vitamin-D.   In addition, GABA can reduce oxytocin synthesis, limiting the stress response.  Nitric oxide and cGMP reduce constriction in the arteries, improving blood circulation to the scalp and prostate.  American ginseng and maca help to rejuvenate your entire body.  Damiana and saw palmetto will heal your prostate, which is responsible for producing and releasing semen and which is most likely overworked with your excessive sexual activity or masturbation.

  4. Jing and Qi can be replenished and restored by nutrients that slow down ageing.  Jing production requires neuro-nutrients, androgen hormones, oxytocin, minerals and prostaglandin hormone precursors.  You should be on a high protein diet with sufficient enzyme cofactors (B-complex) to increase jing production.  You have to cut down the Yin-type stressor cortisol and sex-buster hormone prolactin to enhance the adrenal and testicular function for Jing production.  Moderate exercises enhace HGH production and can prevent the stressors epinephrine and cortisol from shooting up.  A high protein diet in conjunction with moderate exercising enhances HGH production while sugar and carbohydrate foods blunt HGH production and lead to faster gain weight.  You need foods that can produce 100-200 mg of L-Dopa to maintain a healthy dopamine nervous function.


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