How Lifestyle Habits Can Lead to Prostatitis and Prostate Pain

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By Justin Wren Conditions: Men's Prostatitis Causes: marijuana Symptoms: painful testicle prostate pain Age: 36 - 55

He drank alcohol for years while abusing drugs only to discover the damage done to his prostate.

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I suffer form a multitude of Prostatitis-related problems. Urinary issues, Nocturia, Dysuria, UTIs and pelvic pain are all common issues I combat on a day-to-day basis. And as I’ve aged (now 56), I fear that my infections, and symptoms were all linked together by my excessive abuse of drugs and liquor. I understand that prostate growth is natural, but for someone reason or another, I cannot help but to pin some of the blame on my prior activities. How plausible are my prior demons at play in my current state of prostate issues?


Well, you’re right in most of your theories. Prostate enlargement is accelerated by age. Men will notice prostate growth throughout their lives. And the small, walnut-sized organ known as the prostate will surround the urethra to cause urinary problems while it squishes against the bladder. Meanwhile, both drugs and alcohol can damage not only your prostate, but your sex life too.

Explaining Your Prostate Damage
As I mentioned above, prior prostate damage tends to occur naturally. Think of the prostate like any other muscle in your body. Age will dampen its strengthen and recovery rate to any damage. But in your prostate’s situation, an infection, not unusual for a man your age, swells the prostate. Still, it doesn’t seem too outlandish that natural growth is the cause of some prostate issues too.

Now, drugs and alcohol can accelerate the rate of damage to your prostate. Alcohol especially can prove dangerous and even damaging to the organ. According to American Urological Association, drinking alcohol in excess won’t worsen your prostate-related symptoms. Strange? You bet. Prior knowledge believed that excessive drinking damaged the organ. However, and this is where this caveat gets strange, excessive drinking can increase urinary issues, which is a prostate-related issue. So does alcohol damage your prostate or not? Well, like a lot of scientific issues, more research is required to validate the claim.
Now drugs, however, do damage your body. Depending on the type you consume, you can create a misbalance of chemicals inside the body, while further inflaming the organ. Remember, Prostatitis is a bacterial infection, and certain drugs can weaken your immune system to further inflame your chances of contracting the infection. Even worse, certain drugs, like marijuana can raise inflammatory chemicals, called prostaglandin, that can potentially cause prostate inflammation. If you have abused your body, Prostatitis may cause a multitude of issues, and you might have plenty of questions and concerns for the Herballove community, like 

Reversing the Issues
Drugs and alcohol abuse isn’t something you take a pill for and cure. Years of abuse can either permanently damage your body or significantly alter other chemical reactions and bodily functions for a short period. The effect of this abuse on your prostate will depend on the years you spent doing drugs or drinking alcohol. And even worse, your age won’t help your recovery either. Still, it doesn’t hurt to at least try some items to alleviate the inflammation and improve your bladder control, sleep and urinary pain. For example,

  • Avoid drinking beverages one hour prior to sleeping. Meanwhile, eliminate sodas and coffee from your diet, items that aggravate your prostate inflammation.
  • Take a Sitz bath. Sitz baths reduce inflammation and can quell the rise of urinary pain and discomfort.
  • Take Pollen extracts for urinary pain. If your Dysuria (urinary pain) is as bad as you say, Pollen contains anti-inflammatory agents that reduce the swelling and discomfort.
  • Avoid alcohol. As you may have noticed, alcohol may aggravate your symptoms. Kick the vice while you can.
  • Improve your fitness levels. Diet and exercise will improve urinary flow and increase your prostate health. Go for a jog at least two to three times a week.
As you may have noticed, prostate health depends on a variety of issues. Prostatitis may agitate your symptoms, but drugs and alcohol can too influence the degree of the infection and severity of the symptoms.



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