How to Get ‘Better’ Sperm

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He desires is to improve his fertility.

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My desire is to have sperm better for the fertilization. I want to obtain a good spermogramme. How do I improve my fertility?


Fertilization requires healthy sperm and a healthy egg. Both elements must be present in order for fertilization to occur.  As for you, you could increase your dopamine and acetylcholine nervous functions to drive pituitary LH and FSH for more testosterone.

By increasing your testosterone levels, you can produce more sperm. Most important of all, you have to get abundant amount of healthy & quality sperms, which you need to balance your hormones and make sure your prostate secretion have the optimal pH for sperm survivial.

If you want to increase sperm count and create healthy, strong sperm, you take Male Reproductive Tonic Formula to help you.

What to do

Male Reproductive Tonic Formula

It’s no secret - as men age, their sexual functions gradually decline. Due to the high-level stress environments they seem to have simply become accustomed to, they aren’t always aware that their reproductive health has been negatively compromised. Read more
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newamerican posted on Fri, 02/15/2013 - 12:34
I want to be able to improve my sperm count for a bit as well. I want to be able to increase my sperm count so I can have some kids! I hope I am able to increase it and explode a little harder.
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