How To Counteract Aging Effects on your Erection

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A 62 years old man has been taking seizure medication and has trouble sustaining an erection

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I am 62 years old and consider myself healthy. I love to have sex but I can’t really sustain an erection. Now, I am taking two blue pills before sex. I’ve also been taking seizure medication for the last 28 years. Where do you suppose the problem lies, and what’s to be done about it?


The problem is probably a result of aging. You can’t really blame seizure medication. With age, the parasympathetic function that usually gives your organs a constant recharge slows down. As does the healing power, immune system boost, and enhanced sympathetic dopamine-nonadrenaline that is used to restore normal body function.
When the parasympathetic function fails to recharge our organs, we die. When it charges the neurons and bioelectric cells in our sex organs, the sex organ is actuated to erect (male) or to engorge (female). The parasympathetic function includes bioelectric action pulses driven by AC and DC voltage levels that keeps testosterone burning. It also insures the strength of the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine (ACh) that provides the biochemical links from the brain to the targeted cells of organs. One of the results of weak action nervous pulse or ACh is erectile dysfunction.
According to ‘Yin –Chi’, a Chinese Medical concept, a weak endocrine system will hinder the parasympathetic function and the ACh action. Further complicating the ACh, an aged or aging adrenal medulla produces too much of the stress hormone Adrenaline that blocks the ACh action in the prostate. It is this process that provides the basis of your problem.

What to do

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BestMagic posted on Thu, 06/13/2013 - 14:30
Is it safe to be mixing those two things together? It doesn't sound to be the most healthiest thing. You should really get that approved my someone because it might be causing the side effect of you losing an erection.
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