Hormone-Based Birth Control Causes Her Vaginal Dryness and Intercourse Pain

For the past few months, I have experienced painful abrasions due to sexual intercourse.

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For the past few months, I have experienced painful abrasions due to sexual intercourse. Up to this point, I still have not recovered and continue to cause immense discomfort. My boyfriend and I use lots lubrication jelly, but it doesn't seem to make a difference. I have not had sex for almost a month. My boyfriend is kind of upset about it.
I got various tips from my friends that don’t work as well. I try heal the vaginal abrasion using a cool hair dryer, corn flour and not wearing underwear or tight clothing. Now I am trying a mild version of hydrocortisone acetate cream. I feel really stupid, because all these attempts have made it more painful. I finally realized, birth control pills might behind this. I have been taking the birth control pill for the past 8 months now.


Hormone-based birth control emulates a pregnancy state by flooding the brain with excessive progesterone and estrogen, so that your brain will think you are pregnant and then shut down your ovarian function. Long-term use of birth control pills will create chaos and wild fluaturation to your hormonal functions. This would result in leaving excessive progesterone or estrogen in the uterus and cervix.
Most of the time, liver will break down the excessive floating hormones. It seems like your liver is too weak to detoxify the hormone-based birth control chemicals. Excessive hormones in the body can lead further chain reactions such as insufficient production of neurotransmitters, disruption of ovarian function, and weaken immune system.
Yeast infections, vaginal abrasions, painful intercourse, and slow healing processing indicating the immune system has gone under, which are part of the common side effects of the pill. Unfortunately, you may be like many women and not be able to heal until you stop taking birth control. You may want to consider natural ways of birth control.
Take Vaginal RH Formula I to reverse the damage done by the birth control pills, realign the hormone balance, rejuvenate vaginal tissues, and relive intercourse pain and abrasion. It contains many effective herbs that can relieves involuntary vaginal reflex, vaginismus,  and alleviates intercourse pain.
Here are other natural approaches for birth control methods for you to consider.

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