Is His Type II Diabetes Going to Make Him Impotent? Too Long Before Diagnosis Has Him Worried

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He’s been having penile problems for some time, but was just recently diagnosed with Type II diabetes. His doctor says his problems can stem from his diagnosis, but he doesn’t know why. What is causing these problems, and what can he do to solve them? Is there still time?

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I’ve just been diagnosed with Type II diabetes. Apparently it’s been going on for some time. I’ve noticed my erections have been becoming smaller and weaker over the past several years, although I suppose I assumed it happens to us all in time. My doctor mentioned that diabetes can cause erectile dysfunction, but I’m not sure why, or what to do about it. It is too late?


I’m sorry to hear of your recent diagnosis. Type II diabetes is truly an unfair disease in the way that it attacks those in the prime of life and requires an entire remodeling of habits. It’s true; unfortunately this disease can cause terrible issues regarding penile function, and does tend to become exacerbated the longer it’s allowed to continue unchecked. As we have no idea how long your issue has been ongoing, it’s possible that the damage is quite extensive at this time.
Sugar Freak Out
The damage itself comes from all the excess glucose in the blood, due to the failure of the body to produce insulin. This free-floating glucose causes cells to lyses, tears protein structures apart, destroys nerves, and hardens arteries. Why? Glucose isn’t met to be in the body in such high quantities. It ruins the solution ratios inside and outside cells, which causes them to burst. It links onto proteins and prevents them from binding properly. It coats the interior of blood vessels, and gradually calcifies. It’s a problem that needs to be immediately treated.

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Backed Up Pipes
The reason your penis isn’t functioning properly is in conjunction with the aforementioned problems. Your penis reaches erection when the artery connects to it is allowed to open, causing the penis to become engorged with blood and quickly become turgid and upright. When your blood vessels are crimped on the outside due to a hardening of the walls, and cramped on the inside due to plaque build-up, it makes it very difficult for you to achieve a true erection.
All Sponge, No Strength
Not only that, but many of the smaller feeder capillaries have already been damaged, through the course of the disease, to the point that they no longer move blood at all, but simply leak it back into the tissues. This can cause two issues: firstly, that the penis remains semi-flaccid instead of becoming stiff, and that blood remains in the penis overlong, creating bruising or even gangrene.
Cleanse and Mend
To recover command of your manhood, you need to begin a course designed to both help your body flush out the poisonous excess glucose, and to help it to rebuild the damaged tissues and vessels of your body. I recommend this one in particular, because it contains many types of systemic toners—Ginseng and Gingko—which assist in detoxifying and purifying the body, and in encouraging improved circulation. (SEE: ViaPal-hGH-S for Diabetic Men ED Recovery) Cistanche prompts healthy tissue repair, and Epimedium and Damiana have been shown to improve penile tissue and promote growth.
This compound will surely help you get a handle on your newly discovered illness, and the problems assailing you. Don’t force your body to do more than it has to, give it a hand by helping in the purification and rebuilding process. Your erections will return that much faster!

What to do

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