High Cholesterol & Low Erectile Strength – The Link and the Solution

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A man is concerned with his lack of ability to get it up and keep it up. He’s making a link to his high cholesterol and now needs a little more help on how to fix things.

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Hello, I’m a 31 year old man who is originally from China, but I moved to the US about ten years ago. Since I’ve been here, I noticed that my diet has changed as I eat a lot of American foods and sometimes fast food.
Now I have high cholesterol and my doctor said I should go on diet. What else can I do to help this problem because my erections don’t last long anymore?


Li had a girlfriend who nagged him about everything. She nagged him to wear only certain types of clothes, she nagged him to do chores around her apartment, she nagged him to not hang out with his friends, and so on and so on.
The Inevitable
When it was discovered that Li had high cholesterol, he began to change his diet to a healthier one and so his girlfriend nagged him about that. Finally, he began to get soft erections and that was when it seemed like her head levitated into the air and she went into a DEFCON 4 nag-fest.
That was just too much for Li to bear, so he dumped his girlfriend and focused on more important matters such as his career, his health, and getting his erection strength back. His father suggested taking herbal solutions and soon he was bigger and better than ever before.

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An All Too Common Cause
Just like Li, thousands of men fall victim to high cholesterol issues each year. Unfortunately, doctors usually only tell you the usual range of problems: poor blood circulation, increased risk of stroke, higher change of heart disease, etc., they hardly ever mention another sinister probability, which is impotence.
Whereas you used to wake up with a nice solid hard-on, now you wake up with an overdone noodle. Where you used to be a champion in bed; lasting for lengthy periods of time in the sack, now you top out at five minutes or so, max.
The heightened sensation felt around your penis is killing your game – so how in the world are you supposed to get it back?
Get Rid of That Noodle
First off, you can begin to combat this high cholesterol problem by changing your lifestyle. Make sure that you are eating foods that are good for your heart and cardiovascular system, and stay away from junk foods and fast food.
Speaking of cardio, getting a gym membership and embarking on a fitness regimen can do wonders for your cardiovascular health including your blood pressure and pulse rate. Work out and hit the treadmill!
Most men however, need a little extra help and that’s where taking an all-natural herbal blend comes into the picture. (TRY: Red Yeast Rice for Erectile Dysfunction Relief) In Chinese culture Red Yeast Rice has long been used to help cure digestive and blood circulation issues.
Other herbs such as Maca have been proven to lower bad cholesterol (LDL) levels within the body, helping men to reverse sexual dysfunctions associated with high cholesterol. Combined with herbs such as Butea Superba, which specifically helps to improve erection quality, these herbs together form a synergistic effect which can make impotence a think of the past. So get back in the game and elevate your sex life to all-new levels!

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Red Yeast Rice For Erectile Dysfunction

Red Yeast Rice can help support healthy erectile functions damaged by high cholesterol and high blood pressure (hypertension). Read more
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