High Blood Pressure Challenges Means Low Erections For This Man Who Has Struggled with This for A Big Part of His Life

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He’s got high blood pressure and big problems with his penis. Although he’s begun lifestyle changes to try and improve his blood pressure, he’s now experiencing an extreme dearth of erections. Why now have his erections failed? What can he do to get them back?

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I’ve been diagnosed with high blood pressure, now I can’t seem to get it up. Why is this all happening to me at the same time? I’ve already begun a new diet, started exercising more, and now I’m having negative effects! What can I do to get my erections back? I’m sure it’s something to do with my blood pressure.


While it’s definitely a great first step to change your diet, and while exercise will show some great improvements to your issue in the long run, the problem is that right now, your body is still under the worst of the effects of your disease. And while you might not have noticed the symptoms before, it’s sure that you were simply at the threshold of the problem, and this new development would have occurred regardless. Rest assured, it will be resolved in time. However, there is a method that can improve your recovery time, and aid your body in its entirety.
Herbal Helpers
I’d highly recommend pursuing a treatment that incorporates herbal remedies. (SEE: ViaPal-hGH-X for High Blood Pressure Induced Erectile Dysfunction Relief) There are so many herbs that can benefit the body that go unused in the western world. Many of these flowers, plants, and barks are still in use in India and Asia—and by homeopathic practitioners in Europe and America.
East to West
For example, Dong Quai is an herb that still enjoys regular use in China as a blood purifier and as a way to increase circulation. It’s the perfect ingredient to get your vascular system back on track. You’re currently experiencing a lot of problems due to the constriction and stress that’s been put on your arteries and veins due to hypertension. Dong Quai will help improve the flexibility of and restore the range of your circulatory system.

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Need Nitric Oxide
High blood pressure also calls for a larger amount of nitric oxide in order to achieve erections. This compound is produced in part through the presence of testosterone. To that end, I would recommend using herbs such as Avena Sativa, Epimedium, and Maca. All three of these herbs have special chemical properties that allow the body to process them as testosterone. At this stage in your recovery, it is very important that you have adequate levels of testosterone: to promote healthy tissues, to encourage strong, healthy blood flow, and to allow the penis to reach erection through the use of nitric oxide.
Quick Results
These properties alone will improve your situation tenfold. Restoring strength and vitality to your circulatory system will help you see results with your erections more quickly than with diet and exercise alone. Increasing nitric oxide production will improve the quality and quantity of your erections within a short period of time. Give your body the boost it needs to get back on track.

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