Hide and Seek – She’s Keeping Unseemly White Discharge a Secret from Her Husband

Two months ago, she took a round of antibiotics that left her with symptoms of a yeast infection: vaginal itch and thick discharge. She can’t stop either, and now she’s worried. Her goal is to keep her husband from learning of the symptoms, but she’ll first have to treat the infection.

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I took antibiotics for about two months, and it’s been two months since I stopped. Now I feel an itch in my vagina along with white, creamy discharge. It has no smell, but it does not seem normal. I am worried about my husband seeing this, because I have been hiding it from him and don’t want him to find out. Please help.


It’s no secret that modern medicine saves lives. Medications, surgeries and other therapeutic procedures improve longevity as well as quality of life. But these acts are not foolproof, and sometimes the prescriptions we take to help with one ailment cause another problem. In your case, antibiotics caused you to develop a yeast infection.
The Dreaded Yeast Infection
Almost 75 percent of all women in the United States get a yeast infection at one time or another, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These infections occur when beneficial bacteria in the vagina are overrun by harmful microbes. Don’t be alarmed – the vagina plays host to several types of organisms, including bacteria and fungi. These help create an environment in which the vagina remains naturally lubricated with firm, thick muscles and strong tissues.
The fungus responsible for yeast infections – Candida albicans – is constantly present in small numbers. It is kept under tight control by the beneficial bacteria. However, elevated sugar levels, sexual intercourse, hormonal fluctuations, and anything else that disturbs the vaginal environment can cause yeast to grow prolifically. As it multiplies, the fungus spreads and leads to full-fledge infection.
Symptoms of a yeast infection include itching in or around the vagina and thick, white discharge that resembles cottage cheese. Some women experience a rash and burning during urination. To prevent further irritation, you should refrain from sex until the infection is cleared; not only will intercourse exacerbate your symptoms, but it can also spread the yeast to your partner.

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Less than Perfect Administration of Antibiotics
Some health care professionals theorize antibiotics cause most yeast infections because they attack good and bad bacteria. Without the ability to differentiate between what the body does and doesn’t need, they kill everything. As beneficial bacteria become stifled, yeast seizes its opportunity to rapidly grow.
Some women experience yeast infections with only one or two types of antibiotics. Others have recurring infections each time they take medication. In addition to prescription drugs, yeast infections can be caused by birth control pills, a weakened immune system, diets high in sugar, and diabetes.
Steps to Avoid Yeast Overgrowth
You can minimize your chances of developing a yeast infection by avoiding feminine products like douche, scented wipes, deodorizers, perfumed soaps, and sprays. These are intended to improve the vagina’s smell, but a healthy vagina doesn’t emit foul odor. To stay clean, use a simple but effective combination of warm water and gentle soap.
Also change out of bathing suits and other wet garments as soon as possible. Yeast thrives in a moist environment, meaning certain clothes can facilitate its growth. Wear cotton underwear and well-tailored pants that don’t chafe your skin. Also avoid too many sweet foods; yeast feeds off of sugar.
Ditch the Discharge
You must first treat your infection to eliminate the discharge. Messy creams sold in local drugstores promise to do this, but a more effective option is an herbal detoxification formula. (TRY: Vaginal Detox and Restoration Formula) Blended for women, this will expel antibiotics, fungus and other toxins from your body. The detoxification process also helps the liver function more efficiently so it can metabolize hormones – after all, balanced hormone levels promote a healthy vagina. They encourage the growth of “good” flora and the production of beneficial discharge. With this formula, your infection will leave and take with it unwanted episodes of discharge and itching.

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