Her Vagina Has Endured Some Wear and Tear and Now Requires Tightening

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After three children and a tubal ligation, this 39-year-old woman still craves sex. To her delight, she’s romantically involved with a younger man who knows how to pleasure her. But a problem still persists in the bedroom – he complains she’s too loose. Now, in hopes of seeking satisfaction for both of them, she wants to improve her vaginal tightness.

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I am a 39-year-old woman, and he is 32. I know, cougar, right? He says that I am loose, but I, on the other hand, have no complaints about his penis size. It feels great to me. I have had three kids and my tubes are tied. I don’t know if this could be a reason behind his complaints. There must be something wrong with me. Is there anything I can do to fix my looseness?


Men and women tend to have unfair expectations of vaginal tightness. The mythical virgin with the perfectly-shaped vagina holds no water in real life. This is because every woman is different; one might have a naturally larger vagina, while another might have one that is slightly smaller. The same is true of men, whose penises vary considerably in terms of size and shape. Great sex, therefore, has little to do with genitals and instead requires passion and technique.
Unfortunately, this does not mean a woman’s vagina doesn’t age – because it does. Not limited to those who are “promiscuous” or “enjoy sex,” this phenomenon happens to every female as the years slip by. Childbirth only hastens the process and helps change the vagina from what it was in your youth – tight and firm – to the version you know today – slightly looser but still amazing.
How the Vagina Ages
When women think of aging, they tend to think of their hair falling out and skin becoming wrinkled. Less visible changes also occur, namely to the vagina. It relies on estrogen to stay strong and healthy, but this hormone starts to wane as a woman ages. For some, this occurs as early as age 30. A decline in estrogen brings changes to vaginal muscles – they grow thin and weak. They lose their shape and, in the simplest terms, are no longer as tight as in a woman’s youth.
Before estrogen levels drop, a woman’s vagina is already slightly altered if she’s given birth. The vagina is a tubal muscle designed to expand and contract. During vaginal birth it obviously expands to accommodate the baby. This organ generally returns to normal after one delivery, especially if a woman has her first baby while in her early 20s. Multiple deliveries, however, fatigue the muscle so that it eventually does not contract. This causes the looseness to which you refer.
To better understand, you might liken the vagina to a rubber band. At the onset, the band is snug and tight and snaps back into place after you stretch it. But after multiple uses, the rubber band starts to thin. Before long, it’s not as tight and stays stretched further than before. Aging and childbirth have a similar effect on the vagina.

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Does Sex Effect the Vagina?
A woman’s nether-regions were designed to accommodate sex and childbirth. After all, humans must procreate, and the vagina allows for this with its ability to stretch. So the answer to that plaguing question – can sex loosen the vagina – is no.
As already discussed, the vagina is a muscle. The walls are compressed so they form pleats against each other. During sex, the pleats unfold like an accordion to make the vagina as many as 2 inches bigger than normal. It contracts after sex to resume its normal shape and size. In this same vein, abstaining from intercourse will not make you tighter.
Tighten Those Muscles
Like any other muscle in the body, your vagina needs to be worked to stay in shape. Kegel exercises and Ben-wa balls allegedly improve vaginal strength. Reaching orgasm also benefits your body; it causes vaginal muscles to contract so they stay strong and healthy.
A vaginal restorative formula naturally and easily improves elasticity. Blended with herbs like Suma and Milk Thistle, it stimulates the body’s natural production of hormones to restore tightness to vaginal muscles. (SEE: Vaginal Detoxification & Restoration Formula for Loose Vagina) Your partner will notice a difference in how you feel during intercourse, and you’ll reach heightened pleasure as your vagina becomes more sensitive than ever to the pleasures of making love.

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