Help! My Penis is Being Strangled – Diabetes Drama and Penile Softness

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By Ian Kane Conditions: Men's Impotence Causes: high blood pressure drugs Age: 18 - 35

A man who is just entering his middle-ages has been engaging in a little too much hanky-panky, and now his prostate is blowing up like the 4th of July. How can he reverse this terrible trend?

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I'm type II diabetic and I have high blood pressure! What can I do to see the return of my rock-hard erections?


There is a cedar tree nearby that I like to gaze at once in a while. A rather plump squirrel who hangs out around the tree likes to run away from me when I approach, as if I’m some sort of big, bad, monster. The whole routine is pretty hilarious.
A few weeks ago I began to notice that the tree in question was starting to droop a little bit from its top. As the days wore on, I started noticing that the droop became droopier until the treetop was sort of painting downward. After “chasing” the fat squirrel away (oh stop – I fed him too), I went over and inspected the cedar tree a little more closely. Guess what I found?
Yes, vines were the reason that the tree had been wilting. The vines were literally strangling the poor tree’s trunk and depriving it not only of altitude, but of vigor as well. So, I hired someone to tear them off and destroy them. I noticed that my little fat, fluffy, friend likes the tree more now as well, although he still waddles away from me.

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Strangulation is Not Good
What’s this all have to do with your condition you ask? Well, let’s break it down: Diabetes can throw your blood sugar all out of whack. When this happens, it can interfere with your body’s synthesis of nitric oxide, which can inhibit blood circulation.
Not only that, but it can also severely damage nerve endings, which in turn prevents neural signals from getting from your brain to your penis. And just like a tree getting strangled by vines, this disorder can also constrict your very blood vessels themselves, leading to having a Mr. Droopy instead of a Mr. Happy downstairs.
High blood pressure medications can also reduce the blood flow that your penis normally needs to engorge with in order to produce an erection. So what can you do to perk things up again? Please read on...
All-Natural Vine Removal
In order to help your body in its recovery process, make sure that you are leading as stress-free a life you can. You also want to be engaging in regular exercise, especially cardio, which can help you with your blood pressure and clean out/enlarge your veins. A proper diet (no junk food!) consisting of whole foods is another important factor which can bode well for the healing process. Remember, you are what you eat.
If you’re like most men however, you probably need a little help. Taking an all-natural herbal solution can be just the ticket you’re looking for. Potent botanical such as Rosa Laevigata, Cornus Officinalis, and Long Gu, can repair and revitalize damaged nerve tissue as well as your parasympathetic nervous system. (TRY: Natural Herbal Pills for Controlled Ejaculation) They can also greatly enhance the synthesis of vital nutrients and hormones within your entire genital region, sparking it back to life and allowing it to be rejuvenated.
What does this mean? The return of that morning wood again and a fuller, more satisfying sex life. So what are you waiting for…let’s rip those perky vines off today!

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