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Help Me! My Junk is withering like a Dried-up Tree Branch – Is There an Herbal Remedy for This Issue?

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By Ian Kane Conditions: Men's Over Masturbation Penis Pain & Injury Symptoms: penis shrinkage Age: 18 - 35

Here we have a gentleman who has been tugging at his member a little too much, and now it is shrinking. Let’s find out if there’s an all-natural solution to this all too common penile issue...

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Let me start off by telling you that I’m a healthy male in my early 30s and I’ve fallen for this super-hot younger chick. She’s all I think about at night and I jack-off just imagining having raunchy sex with her.
There’s only one thing preventing me from letting her know I’m interested. My penis has shrunk. I suspect that my constant masturbation may have something to do with it since I have a healthy diet and work out.


Drew had met Carla through a foreign language tutoring program where he taught people from other countries how to speak English. Although she was in her early 20s and he was older by about 10 years, he became infatuated with her beauty and the fact that she was an exotic young woman from South America.
Drew was no stranger to masturbation already, but after spending time teaching Carla English in the evenings, he’d later commence to fantasizing about her and whacking-off even more than normal. Sometimes, he would crank his yank up to five times per day.

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Boner to Bust
As the months rolled by, Drew started noticing that his penis was getting smaller. He’d read somewhere that his penis size had been pretty average at 5.5” inches, but it began to shrink in width and shortened to just over 5”.
This was horrifying news to Drew because Carla began expressing an interest in him beyond tutoring. It became apparent that if there was anything she wanted to learn from him, it was the horizontal tango. Sure enough, one evening Carla and Drew started making out and that led to further hanky-panky.
For their entire 30 or so minutes of sex, Carla seemed relatively unimpressed by Drew’s sexual movements, and his efforts to deliver at least one orgasm for her failed. She quickly called off any further sexual contact between the two of them.
The Real Culprit
Sure enough, it’s expected that as men get older, they will lose some penis size. This is due to an increasing shortage of vitamins and nutrients needed to properly maintain penile tissues. However, men can exacerbate this loss in size through an all too common practice: over-masturbation.
Over-masturbation can lead to rapidly depleting vital neurochemicals and hormones, and causing sexual exhaustion. This in turn can result in the dwindling of a man’s penis size, similar to a healthy tree branch shriveling into a dried-out stump (and not a thick one). So what can men do to reverse this unfortunate situation?
A Step-By-Step Healing Process
A good first step to starting your body’s healing process is to abstain from sex and/or masturbation for a few weeks. This allows your body to begin to replenish its supplies of nutrients and mitigate the effects of sexual exhaustion.
Men looking to take their recovery to the next level should consider taking an herbal rejuvenation formula. (TRY: Penis Size Recovery Formula for Penile Injuries) These can naturally boost growth factors which enlarge penile blood chambers; expanding them for additional length and width.
These mixtures can also repair not only penile tissue and nerve damage, but worn out arteries and venous leaks, which can greatly reduce blood supply to the penis. With these healing elements at work, not only can you again reach enhanced penile sensitivity, but also please your sex partner with a bigger and fuller member. Now’s the time to take action – so get your healing formula now!

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Advanced Botanical Penis Size Recovery & Enhancement

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