Heavy-Handed Cooking Makes a Man Weak in the Pants: After 30 Years of His Wife’s Cuisine, He Can’t Get an Erection

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She’s cooked countless homemade meals for her husband and is now repaid with his erectile dysfunction. Her food didn’t poison him, at least not intentionally. But his demands for thick, fatty meals have clogged his arteries and harmed his ability to get hard. He can’t perform sexually even after she’s tried every weapon in her arsenal. He needs to revamp his diet and recharge his body.

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My husband just turned 52 and is beginning to experience health problems as a result of his poor lifestyle choices. For starters, he’s always insisted I cook big, artery-clogging meals with foods like chicken fried steak, homemade pound cake, buttery mashed potatoes, and cauliflower in cheese sauce. He has no conception of nutrition and insists on having red meat most nights. He also smokes – he’s worked his way up to 1.5 packs a day in the last 30 years. Now he feels tired, has put on weight and can’t get an erection. We’ve tried everything we can think of: oral sex, mutual masturbation, doggy style, me on top, and even sex toys. Still, for the last six months, he can only get semi-hard at best. Can you help me help him? He’s miserable, and I’m out of ideas.


The way to a man’s heart may be through his stomach, but that route comes with speed bumps. Constant intake of rich, high-calorie foods isn’t good for any person’s health, including sexual function. It’s tough to convince a man of this because the connection between penile function and diet seems foolish. But that connection is far from foolish when you consider the body as a whole rather than isolated parts.
What’s the Heart Got to Do with It?
A healthy erection starts with unobstructed blood flow. That blood, as you know, is pumped through veins by the heart. So, if something is wrong with the heart, something is also wrong with a man’s trousers.
Diet dictates heart health. Processed foods like store-bought baked goods, potato chips, sweets, and many other items are high in trans fat. You’ll similarly find saturated fat in dairy products like cream and cheese. Consumed excessively, both fats cause cholesterol to accumulate in the blood. The body requires some cholesterol to properly function, but too much contributes to plaque build-up.
Plaque sticks to artery walls and impedes blood flow. When blood can’t move the way it should, crucial tissues become oxygen deprived. This leads to organ damage and, in severe instances, heart attack or stroke.
A lack of blood to the penis means erectile dysfunction. When a man gets hard, the veins in his penis empty of blood and then quickly refill. They also close to prevent blood loss until the man either loses his erection or orgasms. Now you know why heart health is crucial to bedroom satisfaction.

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Kick the Nicotine Habit
Diet isn’t the only contributing factor to erectile dysfunction. You mentioned your husband smokes. This habit not only harms lungs but also takes away from sexual performance. Let’s explain.
In 2011, the British Journal of Urology International published a study that confirmed men saw improvements in erectile function after they quit the cigarettes. Smoking itself is a problem because it damages blood vessels and blocks blood flow. But the main ingredient in cigarettes – nicotine – also hinders circulation. Encourage your husband to kick the habit. He’ll feel energized and thoroughly enjoy all those sexual techniques you’ve been trying on him lately.
Watch the Diet
Strictly speaking, diet alone will not correct erectile dysfunction. However, it will go a long way to building overall health and improving blood flow through the body. Foods like berries, soy and fish contain nutrients essential to the body. They also improve circulation and nourish organs and tissues, including the penis.
Additional foods to feed your husband include dark chocolate, leafy greens and nuts. And don’t forget oysters. Each of these items improves libido so he’ll want you as much as you want him. This is the first step to rebuilding intimacy between the two of you.
Bulk up on Cnidium
No conversation about diet would be complete without talking about herbal supplements. Sometimes, the nutrients a person needs cannot be found in modern foods. One of those nutrients is Cnidium, grown in China and heralded for improving testosterone levels. (TRY: Cnidium Erection Rejuvenation Formula) The importance of testosterone to healthy erections cannot be overstated – it helps libido and encourages strong penile tissues that stretch when a man becomes sexually aroused.
Cnidium also rejuvenates penile tissues and improves blood flow. When combined with other herbs in a formulated blend, men will see definite improvements in sexual function. Speaking specifically of your husband, he’ll last longer in bed, enjoy more sustainable erections and give both of you the pleasure you crave.

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