He Loves His Lunches, But Is He Losing His Boners Because Of Them? How a High-Fat Diet Is Causing His Erectile Dysfunction

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He’s a healthy guy, overall, but his diet needs a lot of work. And to prove this point, his erections have been diminishing for years. Could it all be the result of the high-fat diet he’s on? Is there something that might improve his erections while he’s in this state?

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I’ve got a big problem. My erections have been getting worse and worse, the older I get. And don’t get me wrong; I’m no old man, just 33! I don’t see any reason for my boners to be so weak. I don’t use drugs, or drink too much. I don’t have any diseases. No outstanding medical conditions. I think I’m pretty healthy overall. The only thing I don’t pay particular attention to is my diet. I think if I’m walking and taking the stairs, it’s ok to eat HotPockets for lunch and a burger for dinner. I’m not fat, or I would stop eating this way. Is there any reason how my diet could possibly be affecting my hard-ons? Please say no...


Unhappily, it probably is your diet that’s destroying your erections. Everything else in your life seems to be in order, but the foods you’re eating…well, they’re just not good for heart health, or anything else. As a matter of fact, they’re the opposite of the types of food you want to be eating to be sporting an impressive erection.
Time to Trim the Fat
To have a big boner, you want to eat foods that are low in fat. This is because, even though you’re not leading a sedentary lifestyle, you’re still not active enough to keep your body from turning that cholesterol into artery-clogging plaque. I’m sure you’ve heard of the dangers of plaque in your mouth, that hard build-up of ancient tooth scum that causes cavities. Well, you should also be aware of the plaque that can accrue on the walls of your blood vessels. This, too, can harder and cause disease.
Hard on Your Hard-ons
The scientific name for this condition is arteriosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries, and it is most generally linked to heart disease. However, it can cause problems with many other organs as well, such as the one you’re concerned with. When the circulatory system becomes cramped by the accumulation of fat particles, blood pressure increases and blood flow decreases. Both of these circumstances pose a huge threat to erectile function.

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Blood Blowout
High blood pressure means blood that should be going into the penis is forced through what would normally be highly expansive blood vessels. This pressure can trigger premature ejaculations, vascular blowouts, and venous leaks over time. It also makes it more difficult for your body to overcome the positive pressure on the muscles surrounding the penis, ensuring that your erections are fewer and farther between.
Pressurized Penis
Decreased blood flow means that despite the continual pressure on penile arteries and capillaries, the amount of blood being pumped in at any time is much reduced. Without blood, you have no boner. It’s as simple as that. To restore penile function, you must cleanse your body of the fatty build-up; thus restoring circulation and lowering blood pressure.
Nice and Easy
Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, it will take your body a while to return to a healthy and reactive state. You can speed this process by employing a technique known as jelqing. (SEE: Jelqing Technique for Stronger Erections) It gently introduces blood throughout the entire penis, helping to loosen and remove arterial build-up, while encouraging positive blood flow and restoring penile tissue. This practice will re-establish health in your penis and attached circulatory system, giving you back the erections you’re missing.
Start today and you’ll soon see results. It’s the things we would never think of that give us the greatest damage, and your diet is doing that to you. Try this method to get back to your old boners, but take into account how hard you’re being on your own body by what you’re putting into it. Make a positive change for your erections and yourself.

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