He Jacks Off Constantly, Now His Erections Are Losing Their Strength—What Will Happen When He’s With a Woman?

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He’s a chronic masturbator, but has only recently started seeing issues due to his behavior. His erections are becoming weaker, and while he can still orgasm, he finds the sensation weird, and worries about what will happen when he has sex with a woman. Why is his penis acting wacky?

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I seem to be constantly jacking off; I’m not sure why, but it never seemed to be a problem until lately, when I can’t seem to get a full erection. I don’t know why this is happening now, because I’ve been jacking off pretty much my entire life. I can still orgasm, but it’s weird not having a full hard-on, plus I’m worried about what might happen when I’m with a girl. What’s going on?


What’s going on is that you’ve effectively deprived your body of many necessary hormones that are required for proper sexual response by your constant masturbation. It might not have seemed like a bad choice at the time, especially compared to the potential for STIs and accidental pregnancies, but when masturbation becomes chronic, it can lead to disastrous effects.
Men at Work
The male body is designed to have sex, orgasm, and ejaculate. It’s definitely a normal process. However, there’s a limit to how much of a good thing your body can take. How much are you masturbating per day? If it’s more than once, you’ve probably got a problem. Male sexual response both creates hormones and neurochemicals, and depletes them.

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Got To Have Hormones
Initially, erection and orgasm require DHEA, testosterone, dopamine, and serotonin. Concerning the first two—the body only makes so much of it at one time, so when it’s gone, it’s gone, and it’s going to cause problems with things like arousal and erection. The neurochemicals dopamine and serotonin create a different scenario, as the body reacts to their continual presence in the brain until you’ve got a sort of addictive response occurring.
Nutty Neurochemicals
When there’s a flood of dopamine and serotonin floating around your brain, it assumes the receptors aren’t taking up the neurochemicals as they should, so it creates more. Then, when there aren’t levels high enough to fill all the receptors, the brain worries that there’s a problem with a lack of hormones, and then makes even more—creating a draining cycle of overproduction and over receptivity.
The body needs balanced levels of these neurochemicals to send accurate signaling to the testes, hypothalamus, and to generally prime the body. It also requires at least basal levels of testosterone and DHEA in order to promote the conversion and production of sex steroids and chemical compounds. One of these important compounds is nitric oxide—a formula that is demanded by the function of the penis.
Up and At ‘Em
Without nitric oxide, a man cannot experience erection. Without testosterone, the body cannot create nitric oxide. Luckily, the male body almost always has at least low levels of testosterone, but often it isn’t enough to provide adequate levels of nitric oxide—that’s why Viagra was invented. What most people don’t know is that simply increasing testosterone levels will do much to improve erection strength and ability.
Fix This
That’s why I’m recommending that you begin integrating an herb known as Cnidium into your diet. It’s been shown to boost sexual performance by replacing the body’s spent stores of hormones and neurochemicals. (SEE: Cnidium for Fuller and Harder Erections) Once you restore the hormones that your body needs, you’ll soon have full, firm erections again. Cnidium can even improve penile strength by encouraging blood flow—something that will really give you the hard-on you’re looking for. Take your hand out of your pants, and reach for something that will help and not harm you!

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Cnidium: Helping with Erectile Capacity

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