He Can Keep Going and Going, But I Can’t Go at All!

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By Kate Gorrell Conditions: Women's Vaginal Insensitivity Causes: vibrator damage Symptoms: orgasm dysfunction Age: 18 - 35

Woman began experiencing inability to orgasm when she stopped using her vibrator. Her boyfriend is able to try multiple positions, and go as long as she needs, but it’s no use. Why can she no longer orgasm, and can she do anything about it?

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My boyfriend can keep going and going and going. No matter what sex position we try, he can endure. I love him for it. Despite the endurance, I still feel our sex life is, well, dull. Yes he’s amazing in bed, but I’m the one with the problem. See, every since I stopped using my vibrator as much, I no longer orgasm as I once did. No matter how much stimulation he applies, I cannot orgasm. I hate it. What’s wrong?


Firstly, I’m glad you’ve stopped relying on your vibrator. While it may now seem like a step backward, I assure you, your genitals thank you. The problem you’re experiencing is the result of your past vibrator usage, but it’s nothing we won’t be able to rectify! So tell your boyfriend to get ready, because you’re about to put him through his paces.
Scars on the Inside
The reason you can’t orgasm without a vibrator is because you’ve created scar tissue in your clitoral region. Your body interprets the vibrations from a vibrator as abrasions—a sensation like scraping or rubbing. It thinks that you’re undergoing damage in the region where the vibrating is occurring, and it begins to build scar tissue. Your body thinks that it is protecting and healing you, but what’s really happening is that a wall is being built between your skin and the delicate nerve endings that honeycomb your clitoris. That’s why you feel you can’t get enough stimulation. 
Stop Touching to Start Feeling
For the moment, you must desist any vibrator usage, or prolonged, intense clitoral stimulation. This is going to continue to signal to your body that scar tissue needs to exist in the area. Once you stop trying to seek satisfaction through your clitoris, your body will begin to remove the scar tissue from the area. This will help you in two ways: it will return sensation to your clitoris, but it will also increase blood flow to your clitoris, as scar tissue cramped blood vessels are once again able to function. The result of this is that your clitoris will soon be much more responsive, and you will be better able to reach orgasm.
Your Spot for Satisfaction
In the meantime, since it’s no fun to have sex without satisfaction, I’d recommend positions that allow access to your g-spot. Scientists posit that clitoral nerve endings reach up into the vagina via the g-spot; by stimulating your g-spot, you are inadvertently stimulating your clitoris, without adding pressure to the scarred, outside area. A penis could never create the same levels of stimulation (and damage) of prolonged vibrator use, so you don’t have to worry about creating other issues by focusing on your g-spot for a while. 
However, the g-spot is notoriously difficult to find, and some wonder whether it truly exists at all. It’s said that g-spot stimulation creates a sensation almost like the need to urinate, so if you aren’t sure where yours is, try asking your boyfriend to apply pressure over the front-facing wall of your vagina until you notice such a sensation. 
Happy and Healthy
To heal your clitoris from the inside out, it’s vital that you begin an anti-inflammatory and detoxifying herbal course. (TRY: Herbal Formula for Clitoral Restoration) This will allow your body to flush out the scar-tissue-creating prostaglandins, as well as removing the scar tissue that already exists, and soothing and rejuvenating the irritated tissues. This compound also contains many female friendly herbs, which help to restore the entire female reproductive system, such as Dong Quai. I wish you luck in rediscovering your clitoral sensation!

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