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The typical symptoms of over masturbation includes chronic fatigue, weak erection, thinning hair, and much more... Find out how severe you damaged your body with over masturbating and the solutions.

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Hard-Working Organ

He's been masturbating regularly for five years, but now it hurts, even when all he's doing is using the restroom. The diagnosis is prostatitis, but is that right? Read on, get the facts and find out!

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I'm 21 years old and have been masturbating for at least 5 years, since I was only 16 years old. I have been masturbating 3 times a week since. Now every time I masturbate I have a pain on the left side of my groin area. Sometimes, I get testicle pain and even some swelling. I have now even started to experience pain every time I use the restroom. Is there anything I can do to help my problems? I have been to the doctor and they said it was prostatitis. I am not too sure about this. The pain is really bad. Is there anything I can do to help with my symptoms?


Run too hard, get shin splints. Lift too heavy a load, throw out your back. Ejaculate too often, damage your genitals. Most people have no problem linking the effect to the cause, especially when the effect is significant physical pain.
Working Organ's Complaint
When it's pain in the genitals, though, things get a little confusing. So let's take a look at the outraged organ that's causing you so much anguish, and see examine the nature of its complaints.
The Job Description
The facts, in brief, are these: the organ is a spongy mass of tissue that sits under the bottom of your bladder and wraps around your urethra. For most men, the thing is usually a little bigger than a walnut and a little smaller than a golf ball. It can generate several important hormones, but its major function is to generate prostitic fluid; the stuff's clear to milky white in color, amounts to between half and three-quarters of the volume of your ejaculate, and it helps keep your semen alive long enough for them to have a fighting chance at fertilizing an egg-cell in an ovary (a woman's vagina and uterus are normally slightly acidic, as part of her biological defense mechanism against infections).
Like the rest of your ejaculatory system, your prostate works best when it has access to nutrients it needs to repair and restock itself, and time to do exactly that. When it doesn't get one or the other or both, it will start to wear out. “Wearing out” in this case means that it produces prostaglandin E-2 (a vasodilator, which means that it makes your blood vessels open wider so more blood can flow through them) at a higher rate than your body needs, which can result in tissue inflammation.
This inflammation, in turn, can mean that the biological valves in your urethra that keep urine from getting into your prostate fail to fully seal; the highly sensitive inner surface of the prostate will react to contact with urine, immediately and painfully, until the offending fluid is cleansed. When the prostate is already swollen, that cleansing can take a very long time.
A Couple Days Off
The first step, and the most important one, is to give your prostate a vacation. You've worked it very hard over the last five years, and it deserves at least three solid weeks of no ejaculations to help it get back into shape. If you can't last that long, try to cut down to no more than once every four days at the most; it's the rock-bottom minimum for your body to start healing without a single ejaculation tearing down all the repair work, but it will make the repair process last a lot longer.
While your prostate takes some well-deserved time off, you might investigate doing a few things to help it recover more quickly and help it do its job when it “goes back on the clock”, so to speak. Every tissue in your body needs zinc and B-vitamins to form or repair tissues, so you would be very wise to increase your intake of both. Zinc comes from many different sources like oysters and spinach, while dairy and eggs and whole grains can offer many B-vitamins; do your own research to find out which foods rich in these nutrients appeal to you.
A moderate exercise regimen will help improve your cardiovascular stamina and even increase your testosterone levels, both of which will help your erection last longer and improve your self-confidence. Check in regularly with your health-care provider for an expert's opinion on your progress, as well as to make any necessary adjustments.
Perhaps your most important option is whether to take an all-natural herbal supplement designed to address the prostatitis symptoms you describe, such as painful urination caused by internal swelling. (TRY: Natural Chinese Formula for Prostate & Urinary Relief)
Whatever individual remedy or combination of them you choose to take, keep reminding yourself that it will take time; you didn't get into this mess overnight, and getting out of it won't be quick, either. But if you patiently work to change your masturbatory habits to a more healthy pattern, the results you desire will eventually appear. Good luck!

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