From Hands on to Hand off: He Used to Want His Girl All the Time, but He’s Lately Had His Fill of Sex and No Longer Feels Desire

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By Jean Dohm Conditions: Men's Low Sex Drive Age: 18 - 35

He has a gorgeous girlfriend who, when they first met, drove him to the brink of sexual madness. All he wanted was her. Now, eight months later, he’s still in love but no longer wants sex. Nothing has changed in their relationship – he’s simply burnt out from too much pleasure. He seeks a cure for his malady so he doesn’t lose the girl of his dreams.

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When I first met my girlfriend – who, I should tell you, is a model and insanely gorgeous – I couldn’t keep my hands off her. We had sex around the clock everywhere we went. At a party, I once put her on my lap and we did it while sitting at a picnic table. It’s been eight months since we first got together, and although I still love her, I don’t want more sex. I can’t believe I just said that, but it’s true. I’m so sick of sex. She doesn’t understand what I’m going through, and I can’t explain well enough to help her get it. All I can say is that I feel no excitement when I think of sex. It’s like somebody flipped a switch on my body. I don’t want to lose my girl...can you help?


No man thinks it will happen to him, but you’re suffering from lost libido. You haven’t necessarily done anything wrong, but neither have you done anything right. Normal sexual functions depend on a healthy body. This means you must take care of yourself before you can enjoy sex. Without this diligence, even a gorgeous girl won’t ignite your flames of desire.
The Male Stereotype
Society has formed a number of stereotypes about men, not the least of which is males constantly think about sex. Maybe this is true of some men, but certainly not all. Those who don’t always think about sex feel they should because it’s expected of them. Many men therefore feel pressure to always be turned-on, willing and ready – for sex, that is.
It’s true men rarely turn down sex, but they must want it before they can have it. We’ve already touched on the pressures they feel to perform like sexual robots. But here’s another factor to add to the mix: men are rarely as cool and confident as the world perceives them to be. They have thoughts and emotions and worry about things like pleasing the women they’re with. Especially during sex, they might ask themselves a hundred questions that, taken cumulatively, pierce them with doubt. Is she enjoying this? Am I doing it right? Is she going to tell all her friends I suck in bed? Before long, this self-doubt can turn sex from great to terrible.

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A Conundrum of Hormones
Now we’re going to talk about the sexual response itself. A study out of Boston University found that men preoccupied with sex often do not realize how aroused they are. Confused? Let’s explain it another way. A man can get so caught up with worrying about the sexual act that he fails to notice his own desire. This means he’s not even aware of whether or not he’s aroused – again, he’s trying to be the perfect performance robot.
Arousal is not possible without stable hormones and healthy neurotransmitters. Let’s break these down individually to better understand. Testosterone is the primary sex hormone in men. It drives libido and, when in balance with the body’s other chemicals, produces normal sexual responses. But too much sex can interfere with healthy testosterone levels.
During each orgasm, different reactions inside the body prompt the release of many chemicals, including oxytocin, serotonin and prostaglandin. These chemicals form a seesaw effect with testosterone, and when their levels are high, testosterone is low. Repeatedly having an orgasm, as in multiple times every day, can cause testosterone to drop significantly. This means no libido.
The same is also true of neurotransmitters – too much sex can keep them from sending the proper messages to the brain and prompting strong, healthy erections.
Be Good to Yourself
Remember our earlier spiel about taking care of your health? We meant what we said and suggest you take an all-natural herbal blend to expel the mess of chemicals and hormones in your body. The ingredient you most need is Bupleurum, a staple of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). (TRY: Bulpeurum for Sex Drive Boost) The practice of TCM might mean little to you, but the 2,000-year old ritual of using Bupleurum to correct sexual angst proves you can trust its efficacy.
Bupleurum restores sex drive by first balancing hormones. It then detoxifies the liver so excess hormones and chemicals are metabolized from the body. Different Bupleurum formulas address different issues, such as premature ejaculation and thinning hair caused by over-masturbation. Stick to a blend designed to improve libido, and you’ll want to make love to your gorgeous girlfriend day and night.

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