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Hair Thinning Out – Causes of Hair Loss

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By Ian Kane Conditions: Men's Over Masturbation Causes: DHT Symptoms: thinning hair Age: 18 - 35

Let’s check out this interesting case involving a man who has been losing hair whenever he stimulates his sexual hormones. What is the cause and are there any solutions available to him?

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I’ve read with interest the mechanisms of penile erection, growth and orgasm with the use of DHEA, DHT, Testosterone, etc., but I'm prone to alopecia, and whenever I use, or stimulate those hormones, I get great results, but I immediately start losing hair on my head. A lot of hair! Can't DHT be promoted and utilized in the pelvic area, and not the scalp area, which destroys hair growth? I'm currently using the ballooning method (3 weeks so far), but don't want to ruin my hair. What can I do?


Every once in a while when I feel that my levels of stress are getting high and I just feel as though I’d like to get away from the city, I jump into the car and hit the road. My destination? Out…far out of society and into the wilderness. I like to listen to the soothing sounds of the wind blowing through a densely populated forest; it’s calming and I feel as though I’m recharging my spiritual batteries somehow. I like to walk through nicely wooded areas and check out the different types of trees nature has to offer.
Pile Up
One time however, I came across a patch of trees near a farm that were all dark, leafless, and looked quite dead. When I looked near the bases of the trees I noticed that the soil around them was piled up pretty highly. When I got back home I looked up the causes of tree death and bingo: According to Thetreetender.com, the piling up of too much soil (or mulch which eventually turns into soil) can cause trees to die...
Imagine your head of hair as a forest of trees; now think of DHT and prostaglandin E-2 levels as the soil. You have a build-up of DHT which causes it to literally attack your hair follicles. Your elevated prostaglandin E-2 levels can cause inflammation within your body, and constrict the flow of blood to various areas of your body; including your feet, legs, penis, prostate, internal organs, on up to your scalp and even your brain. The lack of blood to your scalp in particular is denying it of proper circulation and deliverance of nutrients crucial to hair follicle health and hair growth. So what is the solution you ask? Read on...
Clearing the Pile
You’re already on the right path by stimulating natural penile growth by engaging in your ballooning techniques, but this is contributing to further DHT build-up, so take a break from it until you halt your hair loss.
A natural way to getting on the path to resolving your hair loss issue is by taking a powerful botanical supplement. (TRY: Natural Solution for Hair Loss Problems) These ancient remedies can not only help to boost the blood flow and circulation within your body and therefore your scalp, but can actually prevent DHT from binding to your hair follicles, halting hair loss and promoting hair restoration by rejuvenating the follicles and providing them with the proper nutrients they need. And don’t worry; they can also help to rebalance your sex hormones, including penile growth factors, so that when you do return to your penile Ballooning techniques you’ll have much better results.

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