Green with Envy: She Has Coveted Women with Bigger Boos Since Age 13 and Now Wants a Pair of Her Own

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By Jean Dohm Conditions: Women's Breast Enlargement Age: 18 - 35

As a young 13-year-old, she noticed the attention given to girls with large breasts. She began to covet the same for herself, and even 11 years later still longs to increase her breast size. Surgery is not an option because she wants to maintain affordability, so the solution is an herbal formula that will stimulate the growth of glandular tissue.

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When I was 13, I noticed how jealous I became of the big-breasted girls at school. Sure, we were in middle school, but some girls started to develop fast. I envied them for the attention all the boys game them. As I grew older, the rancor toward big-breasted grew. I dreamed about how sexy I would appear with bigger breasts. I would even cut out magazines with models who had large breasts and place those cutouts over pictures of myself and my small boobs. Now, at age 24, I want bigger boobs without the large costs of surgery.


The age-old battle of whether or not size matters will long continue to wage. Men worry about penis size, and women worry about breast size. But these concerns are rooted in more than mere vanity. Scientific studies have confirmed that men enjoy ogling large breasts. Women with the distinct hourglass shape are even perceived as having better personalities. It is thus no wonder that women continually strive to enhance their breast size.
While there’s nothing wrong with this endeavor, certainly some methods are preferable to others. Breast implants pose particular dangers because they are not intended to serve as lifetime devices. Complications from implants include the development of scar tissue, diminished nipple sensation and rupture of the device. Even the surgery itself poses risks and can lead to hematoma, chest wall deformity and inflammation. Natural solutions are the best options.
Explaining the Boob Obsession
Women, for the most part, fixate on breasts to see how theirs measure up. They don’t want to have the biggest pair in the room, but nor do they want to have the smallest. But the competition is about more than size – it’s also about attention from males. It’s no secret that men’s eyes tend to wander to areas below a woman’s face. Such attention is usually desired by women because it makes them feel attractive, wanted and even sexual.
Having said this, it’s important to understand why men are so hooked on breasts. One theory suggests these body parts convey a woman’s ability to nurture babies. This is the same theory that states men want women with wide hips because they reflect sound reproductive health. Hence, the hourglass figure is subconsciously perceived as one that can endure the rigors of motherhood.
Another theory suggests men and babies alike are hard-wired to like breasts because fondling them promotes bonding. The bond between mother and infant is strengthened during breastfeeding, while that of sexual partners is strengthened during foreplay – provided the male touches and/or nips at his lover’s breasts. This strengthening comes as the result of oxytocin released in a woman’s brain when her nipples are stimulated. In these scenarios, breasts are as maternal as they are sexual.
Natural Breast Development
A female’s breasts begin to develop prior to birth, and changes occur throughout a lifetime. First the breast tissue divides into small lobes, and then milk ducts develop so a woman can breastfeed children. During puberty, estrogen causes fatty tissues to develop in the breasts. Those deposits continue to grow along with the number of milk ducts until about age 35.
Breast size is largely influenced by genetics and natural body shape. A plus-sized woman is more likely to have bigger breasts than a petite woman. Similarly, daughters of women with large breasts are apt to follow the same pattern.
Promoting Breast Growth
When it comes to enhancing your bust line, a natural approach combines safety with efficacy. Herbs help stimulate the growth of glandular tissue and can also mimic the effects of estrogen to increase breast fullness. (SEE: Herbs for Breast Growth) Even women who want to lose weight can retain their current breast size by taking an herbal supplement. This is because, again, herbs promote glandular tissue growth that can replace lost fat deposits. Look for ingredients that include Fennel Seed and Dong Quai, which work in conjunction with other herbs to give you the busty look you desire.

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Natural Ways For Bigger Breast Growth

Breasts are composed primarily of glandular tissue and fat. The amount of fatty tissue in the breasts varies but depends primarily on the body’s weight. Most women can lose weight, but retain original breast size when taking herbal supplements.... Read more
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