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I have a slight curve to my penis and it has never been a problem with any of my previous sexual partners. I am currently in a relationship and I plan on proposing soon. She is really small and petite, only weighing 100 pounds. Well, because of this curvature she has been complaining about pain. Every time she hops on top of my penis to have sex, the pain becomes so unbearable for her that she has to end the sex early. I want to be able to touch her and have a great sex life. Is there anything we can do to help her relieve the pain?


Not a lot of women like to admit to feeling anything less than blissful during sex. However, the truth is, sex doesn't always feel so great for us. A lot of this has to do with whether we are being properly prepared for what's to come. If a woman has not expelled enough moisture to keep things slick during sex, it can have some pretty dry ramifications.
Sexual Pain And Pleasure
Unfortunately, there are many women out there who believe that feeling some sort of discomfort or pain is just a natural part of their sex lives. Because of this way of thinking these women really have no idea what do about the pain, or what is causing it. This is dangerous because the cause of the sexual discomfort may become more serious, and could result in vaginal abrasions.

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Causes And Symptoms
Intercourse pain, or Dyspareunia as it is also referred to as, is a condition that about sixty percent of women will experience during their lifetime. It can come on in the form of sharp stinging pains at the entry of the vagina, as well as deep inside the vaginal wall. Other women might experience a discomfort in their uterus. Though dyspareunia is most commonly felt during sexual penetration, it may also occur during simple tasks such as inserting a tampon.
Some causes of vaginal intercourse pain include, but are not limited to; skin disorders, fear of intimacy, vaginal inflammation, vaginal infection, inadequate lubrication, and allergies.
No More Love On Top
Before your girlfriend enters the path to healing, I would definitely recommend that you both explore your options of positions. There are literally hundreds of sexual position possibilities out there. I'm sure there is another out there besides frontward facing cowgirl that you can both enjoy without the painful after-taste. Since you've mentioned that your girlfriend is very petite, I would stay away from any kind of position that is specifically designed for deep penetration as it could lead to more vaginal damage.
Herbal Intervention
I would also suggest utilizing a natural remedy that includes ingredients such as Dong Quia, Poria Cocos, Ostrea Gigas, Ginger, Licorice, and Peppermint. (TRY: Natural Formula for Intercourse Pain Relief) These herbs will help to specifically reduce any pain that a woman might experience during sexual intercourse. And as an added bonus, when these herbs are mixed with White Peony, they can also reduce period pains, headaches, fatigue, and PMS.

What to do

Herbal Tincture For Intercourse Pain

Sure, your man might feel some sense of selfish and delusional pride at the thought of causing you pain during intercourse. But you know it’s often not at all about the size of his penis, but rather a deeper cause related to your physical makeup... Read more
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