Good Signs Of Successful Penis Ballooning - Firm Erection With Controlled Penile Sensitivity

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I think I am starting to see more positive signs of recovery. Last night I had a fairly strong erection, it was between a 3 and 2 o’clock position. I tried the “anal breathing” method more… I think I am doing it right

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Last night, I had a fairly strong erection. It was between the 3 and 2 o'clock position. I tried the penis ballooning method. I think I am doing it right. The recommended herbs really help me so much, they give me a lot of energy and power. I massage the base of the penis and gently squeezing it to pump the penis up some more. I hope that is the correct way to do it. The erection was very strong and the penis did not seem as sensitive, which is a good sign as far as I'm concerned because it helps with the PE problem.


We love to hear your success stories! Sounds like you are really in the right direction.  Keep working on it and you should be able to enlarge your penis, have a harder, longer-lasting erection. Prolonged use of the herbs can help you sustain your result permanently.  Have you considered trying Penile Girth Growth Technique to increase your girth?

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Summary: Succssful ballooning of penis can boost penis size, firmer erection, and help to control premature ejaculation
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martinlu posted on Tue, 01/17/2017 - 05:39
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Coleen Huddleston's picture
Coleen Huddleston posted on Mon, 09/08/2014 - 10:27
i don’t like how your given guys advice to get a bigger dick. i think that makes men want to look outside there home for sex. if a women is happy already with a man and then he starts to try to get a bigger dick then he’s going to start looking for another woman too. this is jus what happened to my friend denise her husband was always kind of small but she didn’t mind because he s a nice guy and took care of her and they children but when he turned 40 he start to worry about how big is his manhood and he start to do some exercise and take som pills. then she finds out he’s been having sex with some other ladies from work. if he hadn’t got a bigger dick, he would not have had enough curage to try to get with som other women. thats what i think. so you should stop telling guys how to get bigger because it just causes problems for everyone. you can’t trust a man no matter how big he is and thats all it come down to.
Brad Moran's picture
Brad Moran posted on Thu, 09/04/2014 - 11:27
I’ve been using the penile tissue growth formula, but haven’t done any exercises, for about 6 months now. I can definitely say that I’ve seen results! My penis seems to be not only longer, but thicker as well, and I’ve heard from some of my regular lady friends that they’ve also noticed a change. I would say I’ve increased about ½ inch in length, and about ¼ inch in thickness in that time. I think you can definitely see results by using just pills.

I don’t have any problems with PE though, so it might be different in your case. I’m 24, with a 7 inch penis (now), and I’m 5’10 and 180 pounds. I don’t know if your body type causes any difference in how well the herbs work, but I’m definitely an active guy, and I work out a lot and eat a lot of protein, too. If the exercises aren’t working for you, don’t do them anymore! Try the pills, and see how they do for you. If they help me, I think they could help anyone.
Tyson Whited's picture
Tyson Whited posted on Wed, 09/03/2014 - 10:32
I’ve been trying to control my PE as well, but I found that penile ballooning makes my penis MORE sensitive, rather than less. The stroking really gets me going, but not cumming makes me ready to blow at the slightest caress! I think I might need to try a supplement instead of a hands-on technique, as I just can’t seem to keep my cum in if I’ve been trying the penile ballooning. Does anyone know why this might be for me? Maybe I’m doing it wrong.

I’m just 20, so I haven’t had a lot of experience yet with sex or with penile extension/expansion techniques, but I’d love to get all that squared away before I get too much older. Do the supplements work just as well as the actual techniques? Does anyone have experience with one over the other? I try to practice the penile ballooning every other day, to give myself a chance to heal in the meantime.
axel jimenez's picture
axel jimenez posted on Fri, 07/11/2014 - 12:03
Always good to see someone who is recovering from the problems they are suffering from. If something that was intended for a certain thing was able to help you with two problems then all the power to you, keep performing that ballooning technique and you'll have a bigger penis and also a controlled ejaculation so you won't have to be suffering from any early ejaculations.
elijah1234's picture
elijah1234 posted on Wed, 06/12/2013 - 11:42
That is a very interesting way of dealing with PE. I haven't personally tried that but I am glad that it's working for you. Maybe it will be my motivation to try it. I would say just keep trying. After all, as they always say, practice makes perfect. Perfect it.
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