Going Beyond One: She Wants Multiple Orgasms but Cannot Because of Vaginal Pain

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She’s heard all about multiple orgasms from her best friend. Although she comfortably enjoys one climax each time she has sex, she can’t get passed the first because of vaginal pain. The recommended solution is an herbal formula to ease her vaginal spasms and help her enjoy the full rewards of sex.

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My best friend, who happens to have a bit more experience in the sex department, tells me how amazing multiple orgasms are. While I agree that an orgasm feels great, my encounters with multiple orgasms have proved differently. When I have sex with my boyfriend, I tend to orgasm at least once. If I orgasm more than that, I start to experience intense pain. What’s the cause for this pain?


Pain during sex can be one of the most frustrating aspects of any romantic relationship. Being unable to completely lose yourself in the moment for fear of pain interferes with any pleasure you or your partner might experience. Once you associate pain with sex, it’s likely you’ll want to avoid intercourse altogether. This can wreak havoc on your relationship and eventually drive a wedge between two people in love. 
Multiple Orgasms
Young women in their late teens and early 20s usually are not able to have multiple orgasms because they don’t know their bodies that well. It’s not until the late 20s or early 30s that a woman typically becomes multi-orgasmic. Two key factors must be present in order for multiple orgasms to occur: a woman must first feel desire, and then she must be completely relaxed. If either element is missing, it’s likely a woman won’t climax at all, much less reach multiple orgasms.
It’s also crucial for a woman to know and understand her body. Few women reach climax from intercourse; they instead need clitoral stimulation before or during intercourse. Certain types of stimulation are also more preferable than others. For instance, one might enjoy oral sex more than her lover’s finger, and vice versa. Once you know your pleasure spots and how they respond to certain stimulation, you can become multi-orgasmic.

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Vaginal Pain
Multiple orgasms will not be possible, however, if you experience vaginal pain during intercourse. You’ve explained that you can comfortably orgasm at least once with your boyfriend, but anything more than that brings pain. The most common type of orgasm pain is that of cramping in the pelvic region. It typically spreads to the back and can encompass much of the lower abdomen. A women might experience this pain between several minutes and several hours, thus causing no small amount of discomfort.
During orgasm, a woman’s muscles naturally contract. These contractions largely go unnoticed because she’s caught in the moment, although they are in fact present. Among the body parts involved in contracting are the vagina and uterus. The latter often spasms between 3 and 15 times at climax, with each successive contraction less intense than the former. 
In some women, these contractions are so intense that they cause pain. Once she feels pain during intercourse or orgasm, it is easy for a woman to at once associate sex with discomfort. This can cause fear or anxiety that prompts vaginal muscles to tighten in response, which in turn makes sex even more displeasing. You probably suffer from this fear, and then your muscles unwittingly tense after your first orgasm because you anticipate pain. You’re trapped inside a vicious cycle, but it is possible to break out. 
Enjoy Multiple Orgasms with New Freedom
The good news is that you don’t have to live with painful intercourse, and you don’t have to settle for just one orgasm. You, too, can be multi-orgasmic with an herbal formula designed to restore strong vaginal tissues and relieve orgasm pain. (TRY: Vaginal Restoration & Rejuvenation Formula) Ingredients like Fenugreek, Black Cohosh and Mexican Wild Yam are nutrient-rich to improve elasticity in the vagina and stimulate hormones that support uterine health.
This specially-blended formula will help you and your boyfriend find ever greater pleasure while making love, and in time you’ll be able to discuss with your best friend the merits of multiple orgasms.

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