Getting Rid of Precum Can Help You Last Longer

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By Herballove Editorial Conditions: Men's Premature Ejaculation Symptoms: excessive precum Age: 36 - 55

He is a 36-year old with constant pre-cum issues, which cause endurance problems.

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I am a 36-year old male who exudes more pre-cum than necessary. Thanks to the heightened arousal, I often ejaculate before I should. My premature ejaculation problems continue to hamper my relationship with the wife. Her lack of reaching an orgasm continues to infuriate her. She tries not to show her anger, but I know she wants to experience the same elation from sex as I do. I want to please my wife again. Please, help me!


Pre-cum is a lubrication mechanism your body uses in order to help arouse the penis. However, in your case, your body produces more lubrication than is necessary. The early lubrication and arousal end up causing you to ejaculate prematurely. In order to minimize your chances of ejaculating, you first need to control your level of pre-cum exuded from the penis.
Minimizing Pre-Cum
Pre-cum, as with all bodily functions, is controlled by the brain. The brain releases hormones and neurotransmitters in order to release the lubrication necessary to stimulate the penis. Serotonin, a neurotransmitter used in controlling ejaculations and mood, experiences a dearth in production. The lack of production, often caused by a hormone imbalance or over-masturbation & ejaculation, results in elevated levels of pre-cum. When serotonin remains low for extended periods, you start to experience signs of premature ejaculation.
Regain Control
Your body continues to lack the necessary serotonin levels to control the parasympathetic nerve stimulation to close the ejaculation valve. When parasympathetic nerves receive an abundance of stimulation, they open the ejaculation valve and release an orgasm. In the presence of necessary serotonin, these nerves remain stable, as do ejaculations.
To see a balance once again, you will need to refrain from all sexual activity for a while. Abstinence from sex will allow the body to recuperate its proper serotonin level in order to control the amount of pre-cum released. In addition, added restorative herbal supplements will help reinvigorate the body and calmed your exhausted & hyperactive aroused nerves to its normal levels once again.

What to do

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soomin kim posted on Fri, 04/05/2013 - 16:32
Sounds like a horrible story. Seems like all the cum was slowly coming out and disguising itself as precum. Can this be a problem with leaky penis?
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