Flaming Embers of Pain – Reducing the Enlarged Prostate

A man who is in his mid-30s is experiencing an ever-growing prostate. If that wasn’t enough, his pee seems to be Greek fire and his erections are becoming placid. How can we help him out?

Case #: 


Hey guys I was wondering if you could help me out here. I’m a 35 year old male, and I’ve noticed that my prostate is getting larger and larger. I’m also feeling pain when I go take a piss. Not just once in a while…all the time!
I have a stressful job and this just seems to be getting worse. Now I’m even starting to have softer erections. What is going on with me?


Rich cursed as he finished taking one of his many morning leaks. He wasn’t just pissed off about being in pain every time that he urinated; he was also upset at the fact that his recent partner had left him. When they’d had sex his once rock-hard erections had become increasingly soft.
A Painful Routine
He exited his house for work and jumped into his car; as he did, he cursed again because when his butt hit the seat it felt as if he were riding a camel. Not the saddle part – right on one of the humps. After only 10 Minutes into his morning commute, he had to pull off the freeway at a gas station and take yet another emergency leak. This made him late for work for the 2nd time in only one week.
As Rich jumped back onto the freeway he knew that after arriving at work, he’d have to take numerous urinations throughout the morning. His co-workers were really starting to wonder about him. Having an enlarged prostate sucked, his mind cried out.

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Fire in the Hole!
Does Rich’s life sound like a nightmare? Well for many men it’s a waking nightmare every single day. A number of factors can contribute to prostate problems, including age, and a stressful lifestyle. As this happens, a man’s DHT levels can spike, causing the release of too much prostaglandin E-2, an inflammatory hormone.
When prostaglandin E-2 floods the lower abdomen and reproductive system, it can inflame the urethra and prostate, causing painful urinations and swelling and discomfort in the prostate. As the prostate becomes more inflamed, it can swell and encroach upon the bladder, causing incontinence and further pain.
Prostaglandin E-2 can also constrict the arteries within the penis, causing a loss of blood circulation. When this happens, you can say goodbye to firm erections and a normal sex life. So how does one turn things around?
Calming the Flames
As more and more men discover Chinese herbal remedies to treat their sexual dysfunctions, they are reporting much success in alleviating their issues. (SEE: Natural Herbal Formula for Frequent Urination Relief) Those who have taken botanical mixtures containing Pygeum and Saw Palmetto in particular, have been reporting the alleviation of their prostrate ailments.
That’s because these powerful herbs contain elements which can not only strengthen pc muscles, for better urination control, but also naturally reduce prostate size. Pygeum also contains beta-sitosterols, a powerful anti-inflammatory agent which can quell the fires raging throughout your groin and bladder, increasing your blood circulation and giving you back the ability to produce a proper erection.
So throw out a rescue vest to your endangered prostate and sex life and improve your health and wellness by taking an all-natural herbal mixture today!



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kubi posted on Sat, 10/29/2016 - 22:22
Helo!i am 25yrs old...i have been experiencing prostate symptoms...after sex i cant urinate...is only in small quntity.....i use to masturbate ...i have soft penis both erected and flacid...i believe u had peyronies disease before..pls help

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