Fixing That Leak - Dealing with a Venous Leak

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A female wants to help her 27-year-old boyfriend with his venous leaks while enlarging his penis.

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My boyfriend is 27 and experiences venous leaks. If he is laying on his back, he has no problem holding an erection. But he cannot keep one during any other position. His doctor prescribed him the blue pill, but it makes him sick. We have been looking for an alternative. Are there any methods or supplements that can help him?


Erections require proper blood flow to stay hard. In order for your boyfriend to keep a hard erection—regardless of the position--the blood must be able to flow into the penis freely and stay there until ejaculation.

For most men, this isn’t a problem. Men who experience venous leaks, however, cannot maintain a hard erection. A venous leak prevents the blood from staying in the penis, causing blood to leak out from the penile chambers. This sexual ineptitude makes you unhappy, but also embarrasses and frustrates your boyfriend.

The Blue Pill
You mention that a doctor prescribed a blue pill to help with your boyfriend’s erectile strength. I am assuming you are referring to a popular blue pill seen on television for erectile strength. Erectile drugs treat most erectile dysfunction problems and can help with certain vascular disorders and venous leaks.

Even though this pill helps you boyfriend achieve an erection, it may not help him keep one. Why? Because the pill keeps blood flowing into the penis, but cannot prevent blood from leaking out. 
What You Can Do 
I know it can be hard to watch someone you care about suffer from an embarrassing sexual dysfunction. The best thing you can do is be supportive. Let your boyfriend know that he shouldn’t be embarrassed about his problem and that you still care about him and are sexually attracted to him. This will remove some of the stress from his life and will make him feel better about his problem. You are doing the right thing by making an effort to get him help.
What Your Boyfriend Can Do
Muscle exercises may help make his penis stronger and allow him to keep an erection for longer. He can do these on his back or in almost any position. All he needs to do is contract the muscles in his groin for several seconds and relax them several times in a row.

I also want you to make sure he is calm and relaxed before sex. Part of the reason he may not be able to keep an erection is because he is so worried about his performance. Help get him in the mood with some foreplay or even a massage.

I also will suggest an herbal solution (SEE: Penile Nerves & Venous Leak Solution) that will help boost the blood flow to the penis and stimulate the chambers in the penis to store blood longer. It can also help make his penis appear larger. If his erectile dysfunction problems do not improve or he continues to get sick while taking the blue pill, tell him to see a doctor.

What to do

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