Fear of the Flaccid – Issues Associated with Depression

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By Ian Kane Conditions: Men's Impotence Causes: depression Symptoms: erection pain no morning erection painful testicle Age: 18 - 35

This case study involves a gentleman who has been suffering from depression and anxiety and this has led to impotence. How can he reverse this problem? If you or anyone you know is going through this, read on for a possible and tangible solution.

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I was prescribed injection therapy for my weak erection after using erectile drugs. They told me if I used that it would be good again in six month’s time. In panic I believed them and started to use it. Initially I got hard erections which on 3 occasions lasted for around 4 hrs. The rest of the time the erections lasted 1 to 2 hrs. After 3 months the effect of these injections got less and I was beginning to feel an ache on the left side of my penis. I stopped the therapy because of this after 3 months. I had no spontaneous erections anymore and was afraid I damaged my penis with the injections. In fear I went to see two urologists and had a Doppler test and a nocturnal rig scan which measured my nightly erections. Both urologists told me there was nothing wrong with my penis and that my impotence was caused by stress and depression. Now it is 1 year later and I still have this terrible pain in the left side of my penis and can hardly get erections like I used to.


We live in extraordinarily stressful times. No longer are men guaranteed a 40+ hour week at the same job until they retire. Extreme economic volatility is the only new guarantee. And there are other factors that come into play; some people are struggling with their mortgage payments or rent, a stressful and/or downright hostile work environment, an ever increasing cost of living in relation to the real wage, the list goes on and on.
Where Did the Passion Go?
For males there is extra pressure to “be the man” and “bring home the bacon” in spite of all of these factors, which can make many men feel like they are caught in a pressure cooker of hopelessness and anguish. This can cause an inordinate amount of stress and anxiety that can lead to depression; which in turn can affect one’s sex life.
According to WebMD.com, a full 10% to 20% percent of men’s causes of erectile dysfunction (E.D.) are psychological. A fear of not being able to perform in bed may compound things further and lead to depression and impotence.
Pharmaceutical grade medications, while seeming to have some positive effect in the short term, can cause unforeseen consequences in that they usually are associated with a whole host of harmful side-effects. These prescription drugs can make things worse and complicate sexual dysfunctions while the person taking them might be sitting around scratching their head wondering why things don’t seem to be getting better; only worse. So by now you must be wondering how to pull out of this spiral downward into darkness?
Wholistic and Full Inner Healing
Take an inventory of your life and look at what can be improved. Are you eating healthy, whole foods? Do you have an active health and fitness lifestyle? Exercise and diet can go a long way in terms of improving one’s physical and psychological state. Embarking on a new workout plan or purchasing a juicer are some options, but it’s up to you to make the choice.
If you want to accelerate your recovery from impotence, the wonder herb known as Maca, or Peruvian Ginseng, could be just what you’re looking for. (SEE: Maca-The Impotence Fighter) This potent impotence combating remedy is a natural libido booster and also serves as an aphrodisiac and is totally wholistic in that in stimulates your mind and body simultaneously. It can also help to repair damaged penile tissues and alleviate pain and discomfort. The only side-effect is a return to firm erections and a desire for sex once more, so what are you waiting for? Maca awaits!

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Maca The Impotence Fighter

Part of the mustard family, Maca belongs to a storied genus that grows mostly in Peru. Read more
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