Fat Attack! – When Your Belly is Engorged but Your Penis Isn’t

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This man has snagged himself a younger woman, who is pleasing him in all the right ways. But being that he is overweight, he fears he’s not returning the favor. What can he do?

Case #: 


I’m dating a girl ten years my junior. She’s by far the prettiest woman I’ve ever dated, and for a 46-year-old, bald, overweight man, I’m proud of myself. Everything about this woman is great—personality, work ethic, sex life. I admit that our sex life would be even better if I had the penis size I did in my 20s.
Over the last 9 or 10 years, I’ve lost considerable size that makes it impossible for me to perform certain sex positions, and I blame my age for a major cause. Got anything a bald, old geezer like me could take?


I’ll just come right out with it and admit that my imagination sometimes gets the best of me and it can tend to wander into some truly bizarre realms. While growing up I used to read comic books, such as The Incredible Hulk, The Uncanny X-Men, and The Fantastic Four. One such case of my imagination getting a little crazy is when I imagined what sex might have been like between Mr. Fantastic, who was able to stretch and shape his body into many different forms, and his wife, Sue Storm.
Would he form his penis into all sorts of crazy shapes while having sex with her if they really existed in our reality? I fashioned that there would probably be lots of screaming orgasms if he shaped his penis into some large contraptions, bringing Sue to the brink of ecstasy (probably with a little good pain too!)
I even wondered how another team member, Benjamin Grim AKA The Thing, would have been able to have sex at all. His skin was basically a bunch of large orange rocks and he was so large that even if he did have a gravelly penis, how on Earth would he be able to get into any sex positions with a normal sized woman? It would probably resemble someone trying to climb a cliff or something.

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Comic Books VS. Real Life
In real life, overweight men share The Thing’s disadvantage in that they are too large to be able to maneuver and such in order to get into certain positions. Not only that, but big boys can also have too much subcutaneous fat which stretches the genitals including the penis, retracting it and causing a loss in available size.
Abdominal fat that overhangs the groin can also interfere with proper sexual activity and limit the amount of penetration that a man can give to his lover. This fat can also cause testosterone levels to decrease, which is never a good thing for your sex drive and penis size.
So how do we begin to turn things around?
A Smaller Belly & Bigger Penis
There are some foods available out there that can really help to not only boost your testosterone levels through the roof, eventually leading to a firmer, larger, penis, but also help you to lose weight. (SEE: Testosteroen Boosting Food For Enlargement)
Oysters are a well-known aphrodisiac, jammed to the gills (well not really gills) with zinc. A high intake of zinc can lead to more testosterone production, and that’s a good thing. They are also very low in fat. Just three ounces supplies 450% of your Daily Value of zinc!
Sesame and Pumpkin Seeds are high in zinc as well (about 25% of total Daily Value per serving), as are Lentils and Garbanzo beans (around 22% DV). The seeds are nice to snack on throughout the day, and keep your appetite in check and away from fast food. They’re also a good alternative to junk food such as chips, ice cream, and the like. Lentils can be used to make tasty, healthy soups, and Garbanzo beans can be sprinkled into salads.
Shrimp is not only fun to eat and delicious, but it provides around 18% of your DV of zinc. Make sure that you stay away from the farm raised variety, which contain harmful antibiotics, waste, and artificial coloring. Wild caught is the way to go, and there are many recipes available for shrimp dishes, just make sure that you’re not deep frying them since that is too fattening, and clogs up those arteries.
Do some research and build upon these tips; you’d be surprised how many foods out there are not only tasty and low in fat, but also “sex-powered” foods, which can accelerate testosterone production and power your penis for eventual gains in penis size. Nothing to it but to do it!



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