In a Family of Small Penises, He’s Fighting Back—By Pumping His Way to Perfection

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By Kate Gorrell Conditions: Men's Penis Enlargement Age: 18 - 35

He comes from a family of men with small penises, but he wants to strike out on a new path. What can he do to fight tradition and increase the size of his manhood? He’s looking for something quick and easy, without a lot of excess medication. What’s best for him?

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My dad’s got a small cock, my brother’s got a small cock; I assume my grandpas had small cocks, too. I don’t want to be just another one in a family of less-than-amazing artillery. How can I increase the size of my penis, quickly, and without a lot of pills or creams? I want something easy that I can keep on the down-low.


I certainly understand wanting to break out of that trend! Unfortunately, with such a strong genetic yardstick—as it were—it becomes more difficult to change your characteristics. Especially if you don’t want to be taking any sort of pill or supplement, or using hormone creams, you’re only left with a few options. The good news is, there’s definitely a quick and easy way for you to increase penis length and size, and it takes just a few minutes.
Pump It Up
I’m talking about penis pumps. You, or any man, can swiftly achieve the length and girth you’ve always wanted, just by correctly applying a very specific sort of vacuum to your manhood. (SEE: Beginner's Guide to Penis Pumps) It works by elongating the tissues of the penis through the application of suction, encouraging blood to flow and engorge the stretched tissues. After the vacuum is released, the now-enlarged penis will retain its shape for as long as it is turgid with blood. However, once the blood leaves the penis, so, too, does the newly found length and girth.

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Choose Carefully
Penis pumps aren’t an option to be tampered with lightly, however. Men continue to give themselves terrific injuries by pumping too often, or with the wrong sized pump, or not allowing the penis time to expand without stretching or tearing. There are all sorts of ways in which a man can damage his penis by not correctly using the apparatus, and it’s very important to consider the potential side effects of misuse before you decide that a penis pump is the correct option for you.
Items of Note
When choosing a penis pump, be sure to pick one that is a reasonable size for your penis. You don’t want to overstretch the mark and end up giving yourself a massive hematoma that would take weeks to heal and end up causing scar tissue as well—possibly causing a malformed penis in the end. Use plenty of lubrication, to cut down on the possibility of chaffing or rubbing, which, over time, can cause a decrease in penile sensitivity. Don’t use your pump every day, just as needed. Remember, it’s better to go without than to give yourself a semi-permanent issue.
Sample a Few
There are so many penis pumps to choose from, I’m sure you’ll find one that perfectly suits your needs. There’s no such thing as try-before-you-buy when it comes to these types of things, but in general, they’re inexpensive enough that you can try a few before finding the best match. Don’t worry any longer about being stuck on the mini-weenie family tree—give yourself the boost you want today!

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