The Fabled Male Preoccupation: He Can’t Enjoy Sex Because He’s Too Worried about His Undersized Penis

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He wants a larger penis for nobody but himself. He’s not trying to impress a woman or get a girl’s attention – he simply wants to increase his length and enjoy sex to the fullest. The last time he had sex, he couldn’t stop worrying about what he calls a “small and unmanly” penis. He’s vowed that won’t happen again because he won’t rest until he’s visibly larger.

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I want a bigger penis. I don’t say this for my wife or girlfriend (I’m single), but for myself. I’m tired of feeling small and unmanly. My penis looks below average even when erect. The last time I slept with a woman, I worried the entire time about my size. When I finally came, I knew I could stop worrying and go to sleep. I don’t ever want to feel that way again. The next time I have sex, I want to feel comfortable with my penis and know it’s bringing pleasure to both of us. Thanks in advance for your help.


In life, size matters much less than perception. If you perceive your penis as small, nothing will convince you otherwise. Likewise, a man who thinks his penis is big will probably live life quite content with his size.
Let the Numbers Do the Talking
But it might help to know an “average” penis doesn’t exist. There’s no magic number you should strive to achieve, although the mean penis has often been described as 5.5 inches when erect. More accurate size parameters were provided in September 2014 by Medical News Today in an article that said penis length is usually between 4.7 and 6.3 inches when erect.
It’s also true the length of a penis when flaccid has no bearing on erection length. This means a man with a relatively small penis can see impressive length when he’s hard, and vice versa. In addition, science proves women generally care less about size than men, and just under half of all males believe they have small penises.

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A Place of Power?
Statistics aside, penis length significantly influences a man’s confidence. It’s been said men think about their penises multiple times a day, but not necessarily in relation to sex. The highest scorer on the court, the leader in the boardroom and the man with the sleekest car have one trait in common: each is believed to have the biggest penis of all his acquaintances. So when a man thinks about his dick, it’s likely to wonder if he can compete with the man standing beside him.
The belief that size equals power has never been proven or disproven, so it’s persisted and festered through time. Indeed, the depiction of large genitals on early stone statues proves society has long preoccupied itself with the male anatomy. Why? Again, the penis is considered the epicenter of virility. A large penis projects the image of masculinity, while a small one projects weakness.
The Benefits of a Larger Penis
Anxiety about penis size can start at any time, but many males experience the onset during adolescence. This is when boys stand in locker rooms and mentally compare themselves to others. Many males even talk openly about penis size, boasting about their length and daring others to measure up. Those who believe they don’t will never feel adequate.
You might therefore say the first benefit that comes from a larger penis is a boost to self-esteem. Such a boost can impact daily life, romantic relationships and even performance in the bedroom. It can ease anxiety and depression and improve a man’s general sense of well-being.
A larger penis can also be more enjoyable during sex. Keep in mind the friction created during intercourse yields pleasure. A larger penis fills more of the vagina and creates more opportunity for friction. It can therefore provide a more intense orgasm to both man and woman.
Get What You Want
Many men think enhancement surgery is their only option to increase size. That assumption is wrong. A safer and more effective alternative is available in herbal supplementation, specifically the formula known as Penis Size Expansion by Natural Blood Flow Enhancement.
This blend combines the healing effects of multiple herbs to direct blood to the penis. The goal is to increase the length and width of the penis’s chambers so they grow larger when erect. To get to this point, however, blood must first pump to the penis to stretch its tissues. In time, the Penis Size formula will give you a noticeably larger penis – and eliminate your anxieties about sexual performance.

What to do

Penis Size Expansion By Natural Blood Flow Enhancement Herbs

Size is an issue of mind over matter. If you mind, it matters. Read more
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