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Excessive Masturbation Causing Vision Problems

Suffering from blurry vision as a result of over-masturbation.

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I'm having serious problems with my vision. I used to masturbate often, and now, I see blurry, squiggly lines clouding my vision.


Eye floaters, distortions in one's vision that appear as squiggly lines, unnatural shading, or cloudiness, can be caused by excessive masturbation

When a man engages in excessive sexual activity or masturbation that depleted out essential nutrients for healthy eyes, he can develop a disorder of the retina, the inner layer of the eye where rod and cone light receptors are located. An eye floater problem generally is due to the deficiency of neurotransmitters and functional compounds, such as cGMP, nitric oxide and acetylcholine in the rod visual sensory nerves. Coincidentally, these same deficiencies occur in cases of nervous erectile disorder. For that reason, this type of retina disorder can be brought on by over-masturbation or over-ejaculation.
If a man ejaculates daily or even multiple times a day, he could be over-stimulating his nervous system and causing the deficiencies that lead to eye floater problems. What's more, these problems can lead to sexual dysfunctions, such as impotence, weak erections, and premature ejaculations, all of which can result from sexual exhaustion. To eliminate these exasperating eye problems reduce the frequency of sexual activities and take Herbal Treatment For Eye Floaters & Blurred Vision for your recovery.

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Herbal Treatment For Eye Floaters & Blurred Vision

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martinlu's picture
martinlu posted on Fri, 08/04/2017 - 09:22
When I consulted doctor for eyesight problem he asked to refer one of the guide for eye exercise and Food method, I followed for few days, Now I am able to see anything without glass.
You can check the guide here  http://go2l.ink/eye 
Natural eyesight is good for health.

andrew yeh's picture
andrew yeh posted on Fri, 05/24/2013 - 11:37
This makes perfect sense. I am the exact same as this guy. I would never wear glasses and I didn't start until a very late age. I started seeing really blurry and when I went to the eye doctor I found out I contracted stigmitis or however you spell it. This is the reason why though. I needed the glasses after I first started masturbating. Kids should be taught this.
OlenkaMJ's picture
OlenkaMJ posted on Tue, 01/22/2013 - 12:55

I have heard a lot about vision being damaged because of masturbation. When I heard all of this I thought it was all false. I wear glasses and I did not think it was because of that. I knew I did it a little too much but not that bad. I always thought I wore glasses because of my family and it was inherited from my dads side which I never met anyone from because my moms side nobody wore glasses but me.

After doing a little research and finally meeting some of the other side of the family I came to find out that none of them wore glasses. I got home that night after meeting them and found out that this was my problem. I had every symptom. I slowed down my masturbation and started taking Rejuven to feel brand new. So far I am so much better and will hopefully not damage my vision any further.

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