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It's not that he couldn't achieve an erection. He just couldn't keep it up during sex. And his problem is extremely common. Learn the causes, and learn the cures.

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My biggest problem is being able to maintain an erection for more than a little while. I can get erect easily, but as I'm having sex, if I stay really hard I have to cum very quickly, but if I let my arousal drop where I won’t ejaculate, I can only stay semi-hard. I don't know what is wrong because I try not to look at porn and I only ejaculate once a week. Also, after I cum I have no interest in sex at all for the entire next day, but 2 days later I can get horny again. Why is this?


We tend to imagine sexual desire as some magical, cosmic phenomenon, an intangible life force perhaps, which descends from the heavens and engulfs us like healing waters. The reality, however, is far less romantic. Arousal, desire, erection...these are all the results of chemical reactions that occur inside our bodies and brains.
Legions of hormones, molecules and neurotransmitters work together to make us experience the pleasures and miseries of sexual arousal. If you're struggling to keep it up during sex, you can chock it all up to the chemicals.
Where Has My Erection Gone? 
There may be any number of reasons why your hormones are out of balance, but it definitely sounds like you're suffering from a deficiency of DHEA and testosterone. Since you don't masturbate with great frequency, the problem most likely isn't sexual exhaustion. It could be age or it could be heredity, or perhaps you were just dealt a rough hand in the hormone department.
Regardless, you're going to need more of the good chemicals (like DHEA, HGH, nitric oxide and testosterone) and fewer of the inflammatory chemicals (like DHT) riding the waves inside your body.
Before we get into the solution, let's address the possible lifestyle factors. Have you taken steroids? Do you take any prescription medications? Do you use any drugs or drink a lot of alcohol? Are you significantly overweight? These things can all contribute to the problems you're describing, but truth be told, heredity can also be to blame.
Try to determine if your own habits may be contributing to your shortcomings in your bedroom, and take steps to get your health under control. If you consider yourself to be among the 4 percent of Americans who's actually in good health, the problem may once again lie with your genes. So read on.
Give Me Back My Erection
Regardless of why your hormones are out of whack, we need to get them back in order. After all, sex is supposed to be fun. It's not supposed to be a chore, and it's certainly not supposed to leave you feeling like you've been hit with a tranquilizer dart. I would recommend an herbal supplement that includes Curculigo. (SEE: Curculigo for Fixing Erectile Dysfunction) Curculigo is world renowned for its effectiveness in erectile dysfunction treatment. It has been shown to restore hormone levels, improve erection quality, and increase blood flow to the penis. It won't work overnight, but you'll be surprised at how quickly you start to notice a difference. So keep your chin up, and get your penis up.

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Fixing E.D. with Curculigo

According to recent studies, 25% of males age 50 and above report erectile problems. Read more
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