The Equation That Always Equals Zero: One Year of Self-Imposed Celibacy for a Man with Weak Erections

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By Jean Dohm Conditions: Men's Weak Erection Age: 36 - 55

It’s been a whole year since he last had sex, and his frustration is mounting. Especially because his own body is the reason for his celibacy. He’s lost erection quality since turning 40, and sex is no longer as satisfying as it once was. Desperate for a solution, he doesn’t want modern medicine to intervene. He instead is seeking a natural remedy to give him back the hard-ons he once enjoyed.

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Please help – I haven’t had sex with a woman in almost a year. It’s not for lack of desire, because I want it more than anything. It’s not for lack of partners, I have a few friends with benefits I can call on when I want. No, the problem is my erection. Since hitting 40, my erections aren’t as hard as they used to be. Sex isn’t as satisfying either because I don’t come with the oomph I want. Poor erections, poor orgasms…is there anything I can do that doesn’t require surgery or pills? I have a deep appreciation for nature but none for modern medicine.


It’s funny you should mention nature with regard to your erection problems, because the body is designed to heal itself. But things go awry when chemicals and hormones become imbalanced – those built-in healing mechanisms stop working. Sexual functions also stop, and quality of life plummets. The answer? A surprisingly simple and natural technique.
Why You Need Sex
A person might argue sex is necessary to the human race for procreation. But those who don’t want children still engage, as do those who are finished having children. So the real driving force must be something else…
You’re probably thinking the answer is physical pleasure. Sex does, after all, feel good. But so do plenty of other things, including back rubs and foot massage. Many people don’t give repeated and infinite thought to either of these subjects, however. And masturbation produces all those feelings of pleasure without complications like sexually transmitted diseases, broken hearts and bitter relationships.
Sex, therefore, is really about the intimacy it brings to two people. The act is messy and sometimes awkward, but it also brings people together in a way quite unlike anything else. It is a physical and social union, and this last aspect – the socialization – is more important than the first. Human beings are hardwired to be with each other. We’re not saying you have to attend a party every night of the week or surround yourself with 100 friends, but having a person to love, or at least enjoy, is very important.

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When Erections Go Soft
Armed with this knowledge, you can see why erection problems are so detrimental to men. They undermine relationship happiness and satisfaction with oneself. They also change a man’s self-esteem – where once he might have been confident in himself and his sexual abilities, he will soon withdraw from sex as he fights to overcome perceived failure.
None of this, however, explains why men lose the quality of their erections. Sometimes, the cause is nothing more than age. Hormone levels change as a man grows older, meaning testosterone drops and, subsequently, other chemicals rise and fall disproportionately. These fluctuations interfere with erection quality.
Too much masturbation and/or sex can also wreak havoc on erections. The human body is a marvel with all of its capabilities, but it’s also fragile. Sex is intended to be a pleasure, but not one in which you engage multiple times a day every day for indefinite periods of time.
Other factors that contribute to poor erections include drinking, smoking and anxiety. Depression and/or stress can also take a toll. Last but not least, you might need to examine your relationships to find where they are lacking in terms of stability and trust. You must feel comfortable with a woman before you can make love to her.
The Easy Technique You Can Do
Jelqing is a natural solution to erection problems. It involves nothing more than time, patience and your hand carefully placed on your penis. (TRY: Jelqing Technique for Stronger Erections) We’re not talking about masturbation – we’re talking about a simple and highly effective technique you do at your convenience to achieve harder erections.
Here’s the jelqing low-down: you wrap your forefinger and thumb around the base of your penis and stroke down to the head. Repeat several times and only while semi-hard – be sure to use plenty of lube to prevent injury. The goal is to push blood into your penis so erections are fuller and stronger. Jelqing has been used for centuries and can help you overcome your sexual problems. You’ll soon be back in action with those women you yearn for – their satisfaction will match only your own.

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Jelqing Technique for Weak Erections

Jelqing is designed to help improve erection quality for men with weak, unsustainable erections. Read more
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