Empty Ejaculation - An Unexpected Collateral Damage From Marijuana

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When I have intercourse, it's impossible for me to have an orgasm inside my girlfriend. Each time I orgasm, I see nothing come out. Please note, I’ve been smoking pot for 20 years now. Could marijuana be the culprit?

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When I have intercourse, it's impossible for me to have an orgasm inside my girlfriend. Each time I orgasm, I see nothing come out. Please note, I’ve been smoking pot for 20 years now. Could marijuana be the culprit?


Harmful effects of marijuana often included deterioration of memory and concentration. But most people do not know that the aftermath of marijuana also included collateral damage to your sexual performance and fertility. The toxins produced from smoking marijuana abuse raises the level of the inflammatory hormone prostaglandin E-2 in the body, a hormone that can induce inflammation in brain arteries, disrupt HPG and HPAT axis that have would affect sperm quality.

Chronic Effects
Sex organs are controlled through various feedback mechanisms that have multiple ways to automatically correct any imbalance and heal itself. But if you smoked marijuana for a long period of time, toxins will accumulated inside the body and damaged your reproductive system irreversibly. 
The chemicals in marijuana gradually take over acetylcholine in the brain and nervous system, causing the brain and autonomonic nervous functions to become disordered. Meanwhile, the neurotransmitter nitric oxide and dilator cGMP become suppressed, leading to erection or orgasm dysfunction, such as Retarded Ejaculation or Inhibited Ejaculation.

Collateral Damages To Your Sperms
One of the toxins from smoking marijuana is Tetrahydrocannabionol (THC). By looking at the name of this chemical, you probably can guess that it's a special toxic compound only derived from the lovely cannabis plant. THC is a psychoactive toxic chemicals caused various collateral damages to liver and reproductive organs. Researches have reported that THC disrupt HPG and HPAT axis that inhibit GnRH, LH, and FSH resulted in reduction of testosterone and semen production.[1]

Normally, semen consists of about 40% prostate fluid -- which contains citrate, enzymes, prostaglandins, neurochemicals, minerals, and steroid/androgen hormones -- and about 60% seminal fluid, which contains highly-alkaline fluid, fructose sugar, ascorbic acid, a coagulating enzyme and prostaglandins. The poisonous THC from chronic marijuana smoking have ruined both your testosterone production and spermatogenesis (sperm-making process) resulted in watery or reduced semen. Therefore your ejaculation fluid becomes very watery, non-viscous and clear. Some people call this problem as the Empty Ejaculation or Dry Orgasm.

Complete Ejaculation Again
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Harclerode J., Endocrine effects of marijuana in the male: preclinical studies.,NIDA Res Monogr. 1984;44:46-64.

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Gabriel Andrade posted on Wed, 06/12/2013 - 16:49
20 years of smoking pot? That is so long. Of course marijuana is going to be a culprit, that is a really long time of smoking pot and I am sure it had some sort of damage to your body, in your case not being able to ejaculate anything.
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