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By Ian Kane Conditions: Men's Premature Ejaculation Age: 18 - 35

A man isn’t taking care of his body and is now experiencing premature ejaculations…can there be a link?

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Hi there – I’ve been checking out your website and it seems you guys know what you’re talking about. I have a problem with orgasming too fast when I have sex with my sex partners. They are starting to complain and I may lose a few out of my stable of chicks.
I’m 33, smoke cigarettes, eat fast food…about 4-5 times per week, normal sized build though not overweight. What’s my problem?


Roger was considered a pretty good looking guy from most accounts, but he just seemed to be stuck in a dry spell. For the last few months, he’d come up empty while patrolling the local bars. One night however, after getting sufficiently tanked, he talked to a rather large woman and the more beer that he drank, the better she started looking. She was all over him from that point on, and they stumbled back to his place.
After arriving at his apartment, the big girl practically ripped his clothes off with her chubby little hands and then corralled him into his bedroom. He needed a slump-buster so why not, he drunkenly told himself, and proceeded to let Miss Piggy ride him for a while until he climaxed. He’d never heard his bed creak so loudly under all of the weight, and as she wobbled off of it she insisted that he make her something to eat.
He didn’t of course, so she went into his kitchen, heated up four frozen burritos, and poured herself a caffeinated diet soft drink (of course diet!). After demolishing her meal she told him she was going to use his bathroom. About 20 minutes later, she returned and told him that she had to run all of a sudden and then wrote her number down and attempted to kiss him, but he turned away as if too tired.

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The Aftermath
After she had left, Roger started noticing a stench coming from somewhere. He got up and tracked the fumes to his bathroom, and entered it while covering his mouth and nose. He suddenly wished he had donned a Hazmat suit because what he found in his toilet made his gag. There seems to be some large brown logs stuffed into his toilet bowl almost to the top. He tried to flush them but to his horror it overflowed and started splashing all over his bathroom.
Your Body Has a Toilet Too
Now imagine your liver as Roger’s poor toilet, it acts as a filtration system which flushes waste and toxins out of your body. If this filtration system fails, waste backs up, and the liver can’t produce the proteins necessary for proper digestion.
This can trigger a hormonal imbalance which can lead to sexual dysfunctions including premature ejaculations. Common causes of waste build-up are processed foods (i.e. fast food/junk foods) and excessive caffeine consumption. So what can you do to reverse this?
Natural Toilet Cleaner
Lay off the fast/junk foods and try eating whole, organic meats, fruits & vegetables, and wild caught fish such as salmon and trout.
Most guys need additional help, and many have wisely turned to all-natural supplements to assist them in their recovery. (TRY: Caffeine Detox for Better Ejaculation Control) These mixtures can help to not only cleanse your body of toxins within your blood, but also bolster your liver’s detoxification abilities.
Meanwhile, your parasympathetic nervous system can be rejuvenated, and since it controls the valve which shuts off your semen, you can once again control your climaxes. So take an all-natural cleansing aid and flush all those toxins right down the drain!

What to do

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