Eight Children and Vaginal Looseness: Her Body Isn’t What It Once Was

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By Jean Dohm Conditions: Women's Vaginal Looseness Causes: aging vagina Age: 36 - 55

As a mother of eight, she takes great pride and delight in her large family. And even after 10 years of marriage, she and her husband still keep the romantic fires burning. Her only complaint is vaginal looseness, the result of which is multiple childbirths.

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I dreamed of having a big family. Years later, my dream came true. My husband and I have eight kids. My friends often tease me, “Jessica, how do you remember all their names?” I love each one, and after 10 years of wonderful marriage, my husband and I still know how to satisfy each other. We introduce new techniques and tricks into our marriage to keep the first burning. But I notice a small problem: my vaginal looseness.


One of the cruelest facets of time is the changes it makes to the female body. Wrinkles, loss of muscle tone and, yes, vaginal looseness all develop as the years speed by. Men also face physical changes with age, but the toll seems to be felt more keenly by women.
Your vaginal looseness is caused by an aging vagina. This condition sounds like an insult, but in fact it is intended to explain how your body has changed since having children. No opportunity presents the same honor as that of being a mother. But childbirth is one of only two factors that can cause vaginal looseness. The other is time, hence the term aging vagina.
Explaining the Aging Vagina
The vagina is a muscle composed of thick tissues, blood cells and nerve endings. Its biological design allows it to expand and contract for sexual intercourse and delivery of babies. You can liken the vagina to an elastic waistband on a pair of pants: it stretches when necessary.
But just as those pants eventually lose their elasticity, so too does the vagina. Childbirth stretches this muscle more and more, so that each succeeding baby causes increasing fatigue. A woman with one or two babies is likely to have a tighter vagina than a woman with eight because her muscle has not been as stretched. This is not a bad thing, but rather the natural course a woman’s body takes.
Natural Evolution of the Vagina
Aside from childbirth, growing older is the other contributor to an aging vagina. This term in no way relates to the number of sexual partners you have had or the frequency in which you engage in sex. As you’ll see, even women without babies undergo an aging process that diminishes vaginal health.
In infancy and childhood, the vagina is protected by the hymen – a thick membrane that tears during rigorous physical activity or at the first time of intercourse. Even after the hymen breaks, the opening of the vagina remains tight because of its design. This is why it takes time before women can fully enjoy sex.
The vaginal opening slowly stretches as a woman engages in more intercourse, and even using tampons can help loosen it. The vaginal walls, however, remain tight until a woman has her first child or enters the phase where her estrogen levels begin to wane. Estrogen can begin to drop at almost any age, and factors like oral contraceptives and even the food you eat can contribute to its imbalance.
One of all the sex hormones, estrogen is one of the most important when it comes to vaginal health. It keeps the walls thick and elastic and helps the body produce lubricant so the vagina is lush and moist rather than dry and brittle. But as a woman ages, her body produces less estrogen. The walls grow thin and lose their natural ability to expand and contract. Time, therefore, makes the vagina looser and more fragile than before.
Restore Natural Tightness
Kegel exercises designed to strengthen pelvic floor muscles do not work for many women and can actually cause greater damage – you’re not supposed to stop urinating mid-flow in an effort to tighten the vagina. What can restore natural tightness is a blended herbal formula designed specifically for women. (TRY: Vaginal Detox & Looseness Restoration Formula) Herbs like Chinese Milk Thistle and Guarana have a long history in correcting sexual dysfunction. For your condition, they can restore vaginal elasticity and increase sensitivity in nerve endings so sex is more pleasurable than ever before.

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MonicaHunt posted on Mon, 11/07/2016 - 07:24
At 50 years old I wanted to keep my husband wanting more so I gave Myotaut serum a try. WOW!! As I was applying it, I could feel my vaginal walls tightening around my fingers! I can't wait for my man to feel the difference when he gets home tonight.
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