The Effects of An Enlarged Prostate

His enlarged prostate continues to hinder his ability to gain and maintain a proper erection.

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When I first spoke to my doctor, he told me my urinary problems might be a result of an enlarged prostate. He ordered an exam. The results where clear: I had an enlarged prostate.  My doctor said the condition is common. I didn’t worry so much. Now, what did start to concern me were my inabilities to gain and maintain an erection. As a man in his 40s, I still enjoy sex.  Now, I am unable to adequately perform with my wife because of my inability to please her—or myself. What can I do?


An enlarged prostate can cause a slew of male erectile problems, from weak erections to premature ejaculation symptoms. As a man, these problems can irk you—and your partner. You want to enjoy sex. You want to feel like a man. You want to regain your normal erectile power.
The Erection Capacity
Hormones, proper nerve signaling, and healthy tissues power erections. Any interferences to any of these bodily functions and the body starts to see erections vanish. In your case, your enlarged prostate inhibits an erection. But why?
Men with enlarged prostates exhibit high levels of DHT around their prostate, causing sexual exhaustion and other symptoms. DHT, a bodily hormone, prevents the double bonding of testosterone to the penis tissues. Therefore lower levels of testosterone around penile tissues are seen in men with enlarged prostates. Lower testosterone causes a loss in sex drive and a reduction of nitric oxide, a chemical necessary for maintaining a firm erection.
Steps to Take
Your prostate and erectile problems are caused by excessive masturbation. You’ll have to reduce the DHT level around your sex organs to see your erections return to their normal state. Doing so will require two steps: refraining from sexual activity and taking all-natural remedy. By avoiding sexual activities, the prostate will no longer become abraded. Instead, the prostate will become healed and return to its normal state. As for the supplements, these pills help a man to heal and rejuvenate both prostate and penile tissues faster. Meaning you can take the pills and start sexual activity much sooner than expected.

What to do

Botanical Prostate Rejuvenation & Detox For Erectile Problems

The major factor behind the prostate gland uncontrollable growth is due to excessive amount of DHT (Dihydrotesterone). If you want to remove the excess build up of DHT, this formula may be right for you. Read more
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liam2012now posted on Tue, 06/11/2013 - 16:01
Why didn't the doctor know that the reason why you were having weak erections was because your prostate was enlarged. Or did you tell him at all? That is a clear sign of an enlarged prostate.
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