Dude, Where’s My Hat? – Circumcision and Foreskin Restoration

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By Ian Kane Conditions: Men's Foreskin Restoration Age: 18 - 35

This case study involves a gentleman who is pleased with one of our natural solutions to a previous issue, but now wants to increase his penile sensitivity by restoring his foreskin. If you’re curious about this issue, read on.

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I love your products, and your penile ballooning method, they are excellent. I have a question as to the limitations of foreskin while doing the ballooning. I was circumcised as an infant, and although I still can stretch the skin of the shaft, there's clearly not as much skin as before. Is there any safe way to regrow foreskin? I feel it will make everything better and I will feel a lot better.


First of all; congratulations on your recent progress with the ballooning technique. As many of Herbal Love’s readers already know, the natural methods that we present to you are highly practical and very effective solutions to numerous sexual dysfunctions. In your case; now that you are expanding your penile size you wish to increase its sensitivity as well, which is quite natural.
A Little Perspective to a Big Issue
There are many voices out there on the matter of circumcision. Cutting off Mr. Happy’s hat is quite common in Jewish, Arabic, and African cultures, while in most European and Asian countries it is rare indeed. According to Circumciscion.com, if this practice of skin removal was proposed today in the United States it would be considered barbaric and unpopular. The only reason that circumcision is prevalent in the U.S. in modern times is that long ago it was practiced in England, and when the English immigrants flocked here, they brought it with them.
There are various reasons for circumcision ranging from hygienic to religious, but one thing is certain; the outer layer of the foreskin contains highly sensitive nerve endings (Meissner's corpuscles) which when touched, trigger that “sexy-time” feeling which makes us ready to go. In addition to this, some sources say that the resultant exposure of the Glans, or bell-like penis head area, becomes desensitized over time as it is exposed more to the environment, day in and day out. Naturally, some men would like to return to a state where they have a little more “skin in the game” so to speak, and wish to return to having more sensitivity without opting for any potentially dangerous surgical procedures. So how can this be done?
Reverting Back to a Natural State
Consider investing in a foreskin restoration device which, along with special exercise techniques (included), can help to gradually bring back that magical hat of pleasure that we were all born with.  This is not a technique that will bring back your foreskin overnight, but quick-fixes are usually aren’t effective anyway; users of this device are enthusiastically reporting restoration occurring in anywhere between 6 to 24 months.
It doesn’t matter how old you are or what ethnicity you come from, all that you need is a little discipline, some time to set aside for the exercise techniques, and a little patience. This is a real and pragmatic way that can yield real results, and is a safer and healthier alternative to surgical procedures, which can not only lead to your penis looking like it belongs at a pretzel stand, but which can result in any number of hazardous complications and infections.
So invest in yourself today, the natural way!

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