The Dreaded Comeback of the Evil Smell

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A lonely guy has recently noticed an unpleasant smell emanating from his penis. Washing regularly, even using antibiotics do not seem to help. What has happened? How can he rise up from putrescence to achieve an odor-free erection? Read on, get the facts and find out!

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I am currently not sexually active. In fact, my last sexual encounter was nearly a year ago. I have noticed that in that course of time, I have been experienced an on and off problem with my precum. My precum seems to have developed a fishy smell to it. This seems to be the only problem and I do not suffer from any itching or swelling. When I start to become excited and masturbate, the smell odor returns. I have used antibiotics that helped make the smell go away but it returns a few days later. Is this a possible infection or something? Why does it keep haunting me so much?


A Chinese expression, literally translated as “Seven parts good”, refers to the cultural assumption that eight parts make a whole. In other words, if seven of the eight pieces of something or components of a process are perfect but the last one is not, then the whole is either incomplete or imperfect. In the case of human hygiene, that eighth part is most often the genitals. Your array of personal hygiene products may contain the most expensive shampoos, conditioner, shaving cream and soap, but of none of it ever gets applied properly to your genitals, you are still going to produce a bad odor.
Lay part of the blame on the ongoing cultural war between the desire to maintain “personal cleanliness” and the deep-seated programming that “the penis is not a toy!”, but the fact of the matter is that every part of the human body needs appropriate attention if it is to remain clean and healthy.
What Causes The Smell?
Aside from sheer distance, your skin is your first defense against infection. Part of the nature of that defense is constant renewal, which amounts to the outermost layer constantly coming off in tiny bits and pieces. Normally it just flakes away, but if it gets trapped on your body (say, in your navel or between your foreskin and your glans), it can build up and provide a hearty meal for all manner of bacteria and fungi. These little critters can then use the resources to fuel a population explosion that may burrow their way even deeper into your skin and cause all kinds of problems.
Other “nutrients” for these bacteria and fungi can come from the solids left over when your sweat evaporates, as well as trace amounts of urine and feces left on your genitals after you use the toilet.
How Can I Get Rid Of It Permanently?
Using antibiotics in this situation is a lot like using traps for insects and mice in a pantry where everything is kept in open jars. The food is still there and readily available, and you'll catch some of the vermin, but until you seal the food containers, the vermin will keep coming back. A permanent solution requires you to keep your penis clean, using mild soap and water once per day. Scrubbing it red-raw is not only unhealthy and uncomfortable, but can actually give pathogenic bacteria and fungi even better access to the still-living (and more nutritious, to them) layers of skin below the outer layer, and possibly even your bloodstream.
You should also consider using an all-natural herbal supplement, designed to reduce the smell-producing waste-products in your semen and generally boost your immune system. (SEE: Penis Smell Be Gone Herbal Formula) By attacking the problem from the outside inward (with regular, proper washing techniques) and from the inside out (by eating healthier foods, drinking more water and taking appropriate supplements) you'll soon be smelling much better. Good luck!

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