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He was a careful shopper, reading review after review for many different penis pumps, until he finally chose one. But in a very short time, his penis started to bruise... and it started to hurt, so badly that he could barely function. What happened? Read on, get the facts, and find out what you can do if you have made a similar mistake.

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I read dozens of product reviews before buying a penis pump. I read customer reviews. I read professional reviews. I even read the manufacturer’s review. And after so much reading, I was convinced that I found a safe product. I was wrong. Within a few days, I noticed my penis started to bruise. I saw purple marking appear along the base and head of my penis. I couldn’t touch my penis. I couldn’t urinate. I couldn’t even walk right for days. And now, I still experience intense pain. What have I done?


It's a very rare man who can escape the message that “bigger is better”. Every television program, every billboard ad, even the place where he gets his coffee tells him that he isn't worth anything unless he has the biggest house, biggest car, biggest salary, and so on, but the message especially applies to his penis.
You've Got Nothing Else Like It
It's also a very rare man who takes the time to really understand how erections work, because your penis is unlike any other organ in your body. Your arms and legs get larger and stronger by means of exercising the muscles in them; because your penis has neither bones nor muscles, attempting to make it bigger requires a completely different approach.
Penis Pump, Penis Pain
Penis-pump manufacturers are aware that erections in the human male require hydraulic pressure within the corpus spongiosum and corpus cavernosum. And, true, using a penis pump can generate a certain amount of pleasure... the first few times it is used. However, the entire concept of the product is based on a serious, insurmountable flaw: a natural erection is created and sustained by a series of biochemical and neurological events from within. Manipulating the penis externally can only provide a temporary solution that can make the problem worse in the long run.
For example, as you have found, the pump can leave bruises at the head of the penis, and the bottom of the chamber can leave similar marks around the base. Prolonged usage can damage the inner tissue of the penis, along with the nerves responsible for controlling erections normally, past the point of allowing erections at all. All in all, despite FDA approval of such equipment, penis pumps are not a wise choice for permanently increasing your penis girth and length.
How Can I Fix This?
The first step is to accept the fact that the pump is the source of your bruises and steadily degrading performance. Next, stop using it immediately. The manufacturers may claim that their product is operating as advertised, and they may suggest that you are using it incorrectly, but your best bet is to wait it out and allow your penis to heal. You don't necessarily have to throw it away or return it to the manufacturer, but continued usage can only make your symptoms worse.
After that, you should speak to a health-care provider you trust and pay very close attention to any recommendations. You should expect to give up on any hope of sex (with or without a partner) for the next three weeks or so while your penis heals, but your discomfort should help with that. Along with careful analysis of any medications your health-care provider may suggest, we encourage you to consider an all-natural herbal supplement designed to assist in the process of recovering from penis-pump-inflicted injuries. (TRY: Natural Herbal Formula for Penis Injury Repair)

What to do

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